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January 6, 2015

At Seven

Tuesday. Lights out by ten, but a long night of almost achieving sleep, at least that how it seemed. Awakening more than once, a not sleepless night, but a night without very much sleep. Or at least that how it seemed then and seems now.

That doesn't make much sense.

You hear about sleep being or becoming a problem and now you're starting to know from experience. First hand. I guess. The odd thing is I'm feeling just fine at the moment: wide awake, clear headed, nothing too off kilter with the sinuses, what looks to be a decent day ahead. But we'll see by noon. We generally know by noon. Mumble.

More babble here than enlightenment.

I suspect. There are things we're working on with this New Year's change in direction stuff, we'll get on with them and come back when the head is clearer and the lights are (mostly) on.

Later. Noon and feeling fine. A walk over to the construction site to take today's pictures, some of the interior of the building visible as they'd taken sections of the canvas covered fence down for access.

Back to the apartment to process the pictures, maybe a dozen of them, taking about an hour to accomplish. A mindless activity, but one that seems to appeal as I don't have to trick myself into starting or hanging in there long enough to finish. I'm not particularly skilled in Lightroom and Photoshop, I haven't spent a lot of time learning some of the more esoteric tricks, but enjoy what I do without worrying about it.

I have an external hard drive array due to arrive today, part of my New Year's resolutions, finally getting all the images properly saved and backed up. Not the first one I've acquired, but I needed to be sure all of the DVD backups I've created in the past are downloaded, protected and available online. I suspect the ease of shooting these digital images is matched by the ease with which they're lost and forgotten. Not a big deal, but we'll at least go through the motions of keeping them intact, at least while I'm around.

Again, whatever sleep I did or didn't get last night, the day has gone well to some surprise. Maybe the two servings of sake had an effect on the sleep, but you'd think it would have shown signs this morning, not that I felt any effects by seven or eight, let alone ten last night when I turned out the lights.

Later still. Posted the latest construction photographs to both HereInOakland and artandlife. A real mishmash. Be nice to start over, throw out any idea of showing their progress on various sections and just look for photographs I like. Ah, well. Some things you just do for the hell of it, no thought to take it somewhere else because it would fit a model you'd don't want to follow.

Because you're lazy?

Just because.

The external drive arrived. There's more work to getting all the images together than I realized in looking at them now as I have more than a few external drives of various sizes that need integration. This one along with its sister, purchased sometime last year, should handle the lot, but we'll see. Be interesting to see if I get my arms around this project this time around as I've had other similar tries peter out. No excuses, either way we'll do what we will.

Evening. I have to say I've had a pretty good day. Nothing ambitious, but the head has been reasonably clear, no sinus upsets and one or two things have gotten done here at the apartment. We'll play a little guitar as we watch Democracy Now and then head to bed (and the tablet) at seven.

The photo up top was taken yesterday of the Christmas ornaments still up on the building across the street with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.