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January 5, 2015

At A Time

Monday. Lights out last night at eight-fifteen, to sleep not long after, awake just before the alarm was due to sound at something like five fifty-nine and so, I'm assuming, a good night's sleep.

Off to breakfast on another going to be clear day, they say the temperature will get up into the mid-sixties both today and tomorrow, a little warmer tomorrow. Sounds like a good day to have gotten a decent night's sleep, maybe venture out later beyond just next door at the construction site.

You mean that or are you just blowing smoke while your head continues to clear?

A bit of both, I suppose. I'm still mulling over my New Year's decisions. One of them involves writing quite a bit less here and maybe (just maybe, we're not certain about this) tackling a writing project I've been avoiding now for years. Nothing too large, no reinventing the wheel, no novels or stories or anything else really ambitious, but taking a shot at a couple of small projects I've been avoiding, saying they're never going to happen. But we'll see.

There's still a bathroom to be addressed with sponge and elbow grease.

Is there really such a thing as elbow grease? I mean, grease? Does it come in a tube? In a jar?

Later. A bath after lying down for a short while and realizing I was seeing the telltale sparkly blob forming when closing the left eye and so figured it was time to take a bath. Not sure that makes any sense, but a bath and then a nap lasting for about an hour. To whatever sleep we got last night add another hour.

Not sure what to blame the ocular thing. I did have one of the single serving bottles of sake last night, not enough to cause a problem, but added to the sharp cheddar cheese spread consumed during the day and perhaps the avocado and cheese omelet of this morning, you never know. Or you know, but you won't admit to it.

A walk over to the construction site to take pictures. They're still delivering lumber pallet after pallet and the third floor framing is well on its way. Lots more to do, of course, but the pictures are getting both easier and more difficult to capture. In my initial conversation with the construction foreman he said it could take through June or to the end of this year to finish construction. I'm guessing longer than June, but (if honest) have no idea. Could happen by June, not sure it matters.

A slow morning, slow in the sense the sinuses are acting up, a certain amount of pain and a dose of the pain meds just now to see if they'll do something about it. I've stopped taking the pain meds routinely and it doesn't seem to have made any difference, any worse or any better. If it was that operation I had over ten years ago now, it's had a lasting effect. Maybe nerves once damaged don't return, I believe that's common knowledge, but I also see why the neurologist was looking for something else, anything else for an explanation.

The something else they look for are often fatal.

Something I'm aware of.

Anyway, not much happening today what with the sinuses. I'm guessing this may well be the future. Not many chances we'll get outside and look for pictures, let alone adventure when you're hunkered down inside bitching. Now you understand why I'm not yet willing to give up learning to play that guitar, something you can do sitting on your duff with minimal exposure to the elements.

Later still. And so better. Maybe the meds kicked in, maybe it's just been long enough now since I've eaten/drunk any of the forbidden foods, maybe, maybe. But we'll go with it. No reason to bitch, at least we now have half the day remaining without the crap.



Moved the recent apartment construction site photographs up to the web sites. They really aren't very striking photographs, not even very good in documenting construction progress, but I seem to take them without making changes and so we'll just note that they're up.

It's been a nice day, the temperature up in the sixties. Higher tomorrow from what they're saying, but I of course have been reading about what weather they're having right now in the Midwest and on the East Coast, so I'll remain quiet. There were a number of reasons, when I got to San Francisco, that I stayed here and weather, although not the highest on the list, was one of them.

Evening. I did pick up three single serving bottles of sake day before yesterday when I went by the supermarket, drank one of them yesterday evening and have now finished the remaining two as it approaches six.

You can't really complain about ocular events if you keep eating/drinking everything they put on their to be avoided list.

Everything they have on their to be avoided list was taken from my breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. We approach these things slowly, test to be sure. Alcohol I'm less interested in, although it's nice now and again as it's been this evening. Chocolate is nice, but less will suffice. Sharp yellow cheeses, however, consumed with a little red wine, have been a comforting presence since I can remember. We'll take this avoidance advice one stumble at a time.

The photo up top was taken today at the apartment house construction site with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.