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January 15, 2014

The Next Morning
Wednesday. I did get to bed last night reasonably early and, although I did some reading of this week's New Yorker, I still got to sleep at a decent hour and then up this morning with the alarm thinking: OK, we said we were going to get that blood test out of the way yesterday so we'll do it! Hup! Yes! And this conversation continued as I got dressed and ready to leave.

I finally decided, as I was driving out of the garage,I really do need to do this thing, so over to the hospital passing by the Honda dealer and noting there was but one car waiting for their service section to open. Fine. Another task I'd been considering. OK. I got in line, the door opened, I dropped the car off for a service and then walked the short distance to the hospital lab and said hello to the needle.

So far, so good. A bus then to Grand to get off where I usually catch the bus that takes me home at Webster but, looking at my watch, saw that it wasn't due for a good thirty minutes. Why not stay on this Broadway bus and go all the way downtown, buy the Chapstick I was needing? (We seem to have recently entered chapped lip season.) Which I did.

Chapstick in hand, a three pack, and then checking the printed bus schedule at the stop, I discovered they run on a different schedule in the early mornings. I could probably have made the connection on time if I'd gotten off at Grand.

OK. A walk up Broadway to Grand, a bus at Webster to the morning café for a late breakfast, a walk then to the apartment to immediately turn around and catch a bus to Broadway to pick up the car. The mechanic had said he'd try to get it done before ten and it was now ten. He hadn't called, but this bus business can easily become drawn out and time consuming if you don't fit yourself into its schedule.

Watched the Broadway bus pass from a distance and so a walk to the dealership, the car ready, the bill three times what I'd been thinking it was going to be (next time take a detailed look at the estimate, dummy), a drive back home, the sun out, the temperature by now up in the seventies. The seventies. We've been setting records lately.

Other than the ongoing screwed up sinuses and upper palate, the day has started well. Reasonably clear headed, although I'd say not at the front of my game, I did get in a couple of miles walking and had completed three tasks, now perhaps a nap, back into our rut routine. Lunch later, what for lunch a different question.

Later. A lie down to listen to the radio, then to turn it off for half an hour or so zoning out. Up then over to the lake in a t-shirt and a long lens on the camera at two without finding anything out there to photograph, but a nice afternoon with the sun and such, enjoy this side of the drought as you can.

You're saving a lot of water by not bathing very often.

Let's maybe let the people know about that.

Ran the home blood thinner/Protime test, the results right where they should be, so good. Another task out of the way. Complete one more on the list? After all we did this morning? Shock myself if not the world? We'll see.

Evening. A Democracy Now set in Japan. Who knows what's happening in Japan? Who knows if anyone really knows what's happening in Japan, even the Japanese?

Nothing that I can see to watch on TV so maybe we'll get to bed about eight as I did last night. Still takes me time to get to sleep, although I'm never sure I remember if that's really true or not the next morning.

The photo up top was taken walking home from the morning café yesterday from breakfast with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 85mm f/1.4 G Nikkor lens.