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Here In Oakland

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January 14, 2014

After The News
Tuesday. Indeed we watched Scott & Bailey last night getting to bed just before eleven. No surprises there. Interesting program (I guess). I'm not sure it recommends police detective as a life's work (if you're looking for a life), but that's another matter.

Up well after the alarm at eight to walk to the morning café for breakfast on a sunny morning, they're saying it will get to seventy degrees later, the sinuses and upper palate at the moment aching. Lots of sun, no rain. Life in a (very) dry California.

I have no idea how the day will go after these last couple of doubtful days, we'll just let them come and ride it out the best we can. A guitar lesson later this afternoon, I'm tempted to cancel, but I won't. We'll tough it out and play. We will. Hup. Crup. Diddly-dup.

This does not give us confidence in your sanity.

Sanity? I'd settle for viability. We are sane, but only in the way everyone is sane: each in our own little idiosyncratic way.

Later. My watch battery died late yesterday so a bus downtown to buy a replacement. Need the watch. A nervous habit. Eight dollars at a store that had charged me something like twelve or fifteen the last time I'd had it replaced. So good. I guess. I've replaced my share of other batteries in other watches and eight seems about OK.

A return bus home to then go into my “do we cancel our guitar lesson or not?” routine. I'm not sure why I feel guilt over my particular choice of hours to practice, the recent two day episode of weird symptoms and no practice at all aside. I've always suspected it has to do with those final clarinet lessons when I was something like fourteen having lost any interest in playing, the instructor finally saying he felt I needed to find something else to occupy his/my time. But why would that have such an effect these fifty plus years later?

A bus downtown to the lesson, a good lesson, we cleared up one or two little things I'd been missing this last week and now I'm looking forward to getting them under control for the next lesson. Go figure. Certainly I don't.

Nothing I can see after looking through the schedules this evening on television, but the day has picked up and gone reasonably well. We'll go by the hospital lab for that blood test I've been putting off tomorrow morning at seven (no eating for the prior twelve hours, no alcohol for the prior twenty-four) and then head for breakfast. I've been putting this off for well over a month.

Evening. This has indeed been a good day, feel pretty good, maybe only because of the comparison to the two days prior, but good. None the less. To bed early this evening after the news.

The photo up top was taken walking home from the morning café today from breakfast with a Nikon D3s mounted with an 85mm f/1.4 G Nikkor lens.