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January 21, 2012

I'm Sure It Will
Saturday. A decent night's sleep, up with the alarm. It's been raining all night as predicted by the weather people, although there was a break heading out to breakfast and back. Home now before eight going over yesterday's entry before posting, not altogether happy with the quality, but what the hell, we'll go with it.

It's a Saturday, a Chinese New Year street bazaar of some kind going on later in downtown Oakland, we'll see what the rain is doing then. I'm not into rain, as you may have noticed, but I'm short on pictures at the moment too and the one need can indeed over-ride another. Strange as that may sound coming from wuss-ville.

Later. The sun came out soon after writing the above and the day has turned out pretty well. Mr. D came by to pick up the laptop and I went over the little glitches I'd left for him to resolve, so that's good, that's done. I hope.

A bus then downtown to wander around the Chinese New Year Bazaar where they'd barricaded off two blocks and filled them with the usual canvas booths selling flowers and pinwheels and such with a stage set up in the Cultural Center where dragons and Kung Fu youngsters were performing for the crowd. I didn't spend all that much time shooting, but the mood was good even if the photographs (most of them) were average. A decent outing, nice to have the relatively clear skies before the next storm rolls in tomorrow (for the Giants - Forty Niners game).

Back home to copy the Art & Soul section from artandlife to hereinoakland where I suspect it really belongs. I didn't delete the artandlife section, just copied the pages and photographs over taking advantage of Mr. R's design which made the required modifications minimal to make the move. So good.

Mr. D suggested that we put off dinner, as he and Ms. Y had come down with a slight cold, not enough to skip the movie, but enough to put dinner off into next week. So good. (More good's.) We stumble along.

I'd forgotten (for the moment) the South Carolina primary was running today and evidently, now that the polls have closed, Newt Gingrich has won. Dear old Newt. We all remember him well from his innovative days when he was the Speaker of the House. What must foreign nationals think about any of this? What do my fellow Californians think about it? There are more than a few, I suspect, who will go full tilt for old Newt, but, well.... Life really is interesting, isn't it? Bizarre followed on by the even more bizarre with everyone seemingly managing a straight face? Keeps you on your toes even if it turns your mind into Jello. Welcome to OZ, Dorothy, we've missed you.

OK, I've gone through the photographs I took this afternoon. I seem to recall a similar experience the last time I photographed this bazaar. Not enough photographs to put up a section on the first day, following through then on the second to fill them in. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I may go by again, do some things to get pictures I should have done today. Then again I believe there's a football game playing in the afternoon. Hell, plenty of time (if it doesn't rain, which I'm sure it will).

Yes He Can? demonstration yesterday taken with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.