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January 20, 2012

Picture Success
Friday. The rains have arrived. Late, but that's OK. The rains can always arrive late if they like. We're not counting late arrivals in any negative way when it comes to rain. No sir. Leaving early is good too, but then I suspect you knew that. Somehow. Here in Oakland.

To bed reasonably early last night, just after nine. I read the Julian Assange interview in Rolling Stone before turning the lights out. No way to know what he's like, given the administration's full court press to put him away for the rest of his life. Still, I've sent Wikileaks money in the past, have bought a couple of their promotional products - a t-shirt and a “hoodie” (how did they ever get me in a hoodie?) - so we'll just say the guy is “unique” and leave it at that. Decent article, though. Good for Rolling Stone.

Up this morning with the alarm feeling good, off to breakfast and back by eight in the rain. I have things happening today, another demonstration downtown at noon and dinner and a movie later with friends. I suspect the demonstration is in danger with the rain, both dinner and the movie safe enough. No need to be out in the rain for dinner and a movie in my experience, short term memory losses aside.

Later. Working on that laptop. It was a device driver that was causing the problem, but getting to it was an interesting exercise in travelling in circles. Circles and circles. I don't much miss my old life as a techie, although finally getting something like this to work can be a gas. Anyway, it connected (finally) to the web and downloaded some two hundred or so system updates. Actually, one hundred and eighty-four that I can remember, but close enough.

Still raining, no reason to suspect they're wrong in it's lasting through the weekend. I skipped out on the demonstration downtown, no real question about that knowing there was going to be rain. Dinner and a movie are still on, sitting here watching patches being downloaded from Microsoft. Rain and a broken computer. Somehow makes sense.

Evening. So I was wrong about dinner and a movie this evening: it's tomorrow. Good, an excuse to head down the hill during a break in the rain for sushi and sake. I feel better now, sake in place, files still being copied from the old laptop hard drive to the new laptop hard drive. All will be well in about another hour. Please.

To bed early this evening. A little guitar, maybe something on television. Finish that Netflix movie I started three days ago, watching it twenty minutes at a time. Not a bad movie, but not a movie that would ever command a large audience, yet one I suspect I may finish. That, in my book anymore, is motion picture success.

Yes He Can? demonstration yesterday taken with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.