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January 13, 2012

On A Good Note

Friday. Ah, yes. Friday the 13th. Naturally, we, the rational, the well educated we, live our lives in a straightforward all embracing manner and take no truck in old wives' tales (or old husbands' tales) of bad luck and destruction associated with this particular combination of name and number. We are free of any superstitions about the 13th. The better we. Deedle-dee-dee. We never, ever, hunker down under our covers in fear of the dark or, if we do, we'd certainly never admit it. Except to our shrink or, even less occasionally, in a journal.

And you pay attention to such? Is that what you're saying?

I'm sensitive enough to note the date in passing. Occasionally I'll think, well, this is the 13th picture I've run and saved through Photoshop today (and I run pictures through Photoshop every day), maybe I should create a 14th to, um, balance the set, not end it with, well, the 13th. And then I blow it off and don't think about it anymore, but, it's interesting to see even minimal attention paid. Obsessive behavior? A touch? An introduction to a phobia experienced to a greater degree by others? Who knows? Who really cares enough to write about it?

You've probably milked that one dry.

Well, the morning has started reasonably well. The day came together yesterday in the later afternoon and through the evening, to bed and to sleep at a decent hour. Up this sunny morning (they say a high of seventy-two!) with the alarm, heading off to and now back from breakfast. The usual aching sinus and palate, but nothing to write home about, we'll see what the day may bring. I'm hoping to receive the D2Xx camera today, the other, the D3 is still at Nikon “waiting on parts” for what has now been an entire week.

Later. It is a beautiful (crisp) morning and so a brief walk over to the lake to take one or two pictures that were best not to have been taken in the first place. You know these things when you do them. There was some hope for this one at the time, the branches and such, but no, I think not, but better than the rest.

Later still. The camera body arrived from Nikon. I'd been thinking it might and part of my decision to return to the apartment was in seeing a delivery truck and thinking about that. It looks good, a first test showed no sign of dust. Good. Again, if I'm at all careful, it won't show up again, particularly in a camera I won't be using all that often anymore in the future. The D3, however, is still waiting on parts at their facility and I don't want to send in its brother until I again have it in hand. Don't want both of the low light cameras to be out for cleaning at the same time.

In the larger scheme of things that isn't really all that much to worry about, what did I do other than to use the two cameras I have in hand now before the D3 was introduced, but I guess I've chosen to hold the line. Not willing to work my head around it.

Mid-afternoon. A walk to the bus stop with the now dust free camera to test in the outside light, a bus downtown to walk around the Occupy area taking a picture or two - no urge to tarry - a walk then over to the City Center and on to the old APL building to take a couple of pictures.

There's something wrong, for me at least, in changing a flower bed the way you might change a shirt. They've dug up all the perfectly good red flowers and replaced them with (perfectly good) white flowers. What happens to the old red flowers? Do they become compost? Are they just trashed? These look nice, but again, it strikes me as not quite right.

Some thought to have lunch over at Pacific Brewery, I liked that Sheppard's pie I'd had with Mr. E and Ms. Y last week, but didn't want to have a beer with lunch. Not sure why I thought I needed to have a beer with lunch even if it's a brewery pub. So back on another bus staying on until it reached my morning restaurant where I had a BLT and coffee. Note the lack of spots in the blue sky, no touching up required.

Anyway, the day warm, the rest of the afternoon ahead, we can make do with guitar, news shows and television. And maybe just a little reading to jar the eyeballs, cause the brain to reset. I do have that book I started, why has it been sitting there at one hundred pages read, only a couple of hundred or so to go? Well..., then there's always a nap.

Evening. Again, all the squirrely thoughts above seem to settle out with the coming of evening. An hour's nap around three, some guitar, some work on the pictures and the day is ending on a good note.

Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland City Hall taken in this last week with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.