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January 12, 2012


Thursday. A decent morning, another sunny morning, another breakfast at the usual place, although it turned out I wasn't all that hungry. Odd, that. I'm at the low end of my weight, just over one fifty-five. A good weight, but I've evidently lost something like four or five pounds over the last couple of weeks. Odd not to be hungry or, when feeling hungry, have the food you're eating turn sour after but a few bites. Maybe that's the way thin people have always kept the weight off and, as someone who's always been heavier than I'd like, I'm only learning it now.

Things to do today, a bill to pay, a couple of tests to schedule that I've been putting off, an amendment to the list of cameras and lenses out to the insurance people. These are things I've been putting off for a long time, saying many times I've been putting them off for a long time, so we'll have to see if this morning is any different. At least they shipped one of the two cameras back to me from Nikon yesterday, might get it tomorrow, might get it Monday. Either day is OK.

At least the guitar went well yesterday evening, a good, solid two hours practice. If I can get into that routine (I can conceive of such for the first time) I really will learn to play.

Like Jimi Hendrix?

Like little Bobby and his swell Fender Strat.

Later. A walk down along the lake, as is the habit, a walk over and along Lakeshore and then back to the Grand Lake theater deciding to then head home rather than go by the morning restaurant. No desire for coffee or food and I spend too much time there anyway.

One or two pictures, but none of any value. Such is life. Tired and I'm thinking of another nap. Nap, nap, nap. I hope this isn't the future. Naps are nice, but you don't get much done, don't get outside as often as you'd like.

Later still. For whatever amount of sleep I'm getting, I still seem to find the need for a nap and when I lie down I do get in some sleep so they seem to be real. Just an hour just now but, listening to the news in the background, it was over in but a second, have no idea what was said.

Earlier I'd headed downtown on the bus and had a decent lunch at the City Center. I walked by the Occupy area afterward, but I've maybe walked by the Occupy area enough now for a while. A picture or two, but no attempt to walk the periphery to see what I might find. A walk and then a bus back home to take that nap. Hmm. I'd definitely say a slow start to a day, here in Oakland.

Some time on the guitar, I think I have this week's lesson down pretty well. I usually say that so I'll be interested in seeing how it goes by next week's lesson. I suspect what I call pretty well, well, isn't. Maybe time to learn the difference, keep at it full tilt this week.

Evening. OK, feel better, feel clear headed as I often feel in the evenings. A bit hungry. I had breakfast and lunch, usually eat something light for dinner, but can't think of anything I'd want to go out for. I'd planned on running by the supermarket this morning, parked the car pointing in that direction and then blew it off. I'm good at blowing things off, although I took care of a bunch of paperwork today, paid the last two bills on the list. There are only a couple of more appointments-tax returns-junk to throw away tasks to do around here, I wouldn't want to get too close to finishing them. Light at the end of the tunnel, might find it blinding.

This has probably gone further than it needs to.


Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland City Hall taken yesterday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.