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January 29, 2011

Will Work Out

Saturday. Up at six, to breakfast and back by eight. They're saying rain tomorrow, so I'll take in the Chinese New Year Flower Fair in San Francisco later today, maybe around noon, and skip any idea of going over there tomorrow. (Hup! Hup!)

Progress yesterday on the guitar. The little metronome I purchased seems to work. It's small, uses (unfortunately) a circular watch type battery (how long will that last?), but makes a nice, just loud enough sound that seems to work. Evidently you don't learn guitar nearly as easily without a metronome as it teaches you to keep the beat when you eventually get to the point of playing with others. Keep the beat. You need to keep the beat in a rock and roll band, my man, lest they not invite you back to play. Hey.

You're drifting into gibberish.

Well, that's what they say. About learning the guitar with a metronome. Makes you wonder how people learned to play back when they didn't have all that many metronomes about the house. How did Robert Johnson learn to play guitar without an electric beat and an Eric Clapton Strat to cut his teeth? The world wonders.

You, my friend, I do suspect, will never know.

Ho, ho.

Later. I learned they were having a Lunar New Year Bazaar here in Oakland today as well a much larger Lunar New Year Flower Fair in San Francisco, so I headed to downtown Oakland instead with cameras in hand (one in hand, one in a backpack, actually) and walked over to the Asian Cultural Center, finding two blocks cordoned off filled with people buying flowers and, from the look of it, financial services. Well, more than that, I'm joshing. There were indeed flowers in evidence, many people buying them and carrying them off into the city and home.

Still, a long day, a long walk, maybe half a dozen decent pictures, I didn't really spend all that long shooting. Not a lot, half a dozen, but I still claim one decent picture is worth an outing. How many days have I gone at times without getting one? Not as many as when I first started, but they do come along, these days, sometimes one right after another.

Tired, though, now that I'm back. Maybe a nap, maybe not enough sleep last night. Up this morning before the alarm, no way I was going back to sleep and so off to breakfast, but I don't think I dozed off last night until well after eleven. Need those eight hours. Eight and a half hours. Or so I'm saying, purposely fogging the brain here when another obvious cause of this fatigue could be you don't go running around for a couple of hours without getting pooped at may age anymore. We'll survive. The day is not yet over.

Later still. Some prints, some guitar, some futzing around with the PocketWizards and the lights, another dilettante evening. You're doing well when you can say you're having a dilettante evening. Now, if I can stay away from that damned sushi place at the bottom of my hill, things will work out well. (Hup! Hup!)

The photograph was taken of a Black Crested Night Heron at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 70 - 300mm f 4.5 - 5.6 Nikkor VR lens.