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January 28, 2011

Making Progress

Friday. Went to bed relatively early last night, just after nine, up this morning before nine, seemingly well slept. Can one be “well slept”? Foggy out there, as the weather people were predicting, to breakfast and back before eleven feeling pretty good. As I've mentioned, although getting up can be a little slow - not painful, just slow - getting out to read the papers over breakfast is one of the better events of the day, generally getting things off to a good start. A worthwhile way to begin a day, well worth the effort. Things can go downhill thereafter, they often do, but my mornings click into place as solid as a rock. It's now after eleven, still quite foggy, we'll see how the day may progress.

You're due to meet up with some of the usual crew at Harrington's at four.

I'll be OK once I get my carcass out the door. For some reason I fight these things, drag my feet and then, once I'm on my way, they turn out fine. I'm a bit concerned about that for the future. Isolation isn't good for the human condition. They say such on television, no bones about it. In the papers too and in the scientific press. I'm certainly not ready to argue with the scientific press. Shoot their pictures maybe, all those colorful lab coats and such, but no arguments. So we'll watch.

Later. A phone call just now from Mr. E cancelling out on Harrington's. Such is life. Still enough time left in the afternoon to shift gears, get in the walk. I've been practicing the guitar while I've been listening to al Jazeera's live feed on the street riots in Egypt. Unexpected stuff. I more than suspect it's a world changing event, possibly series of events, but I have little knowledge and no experience of the area other than what I've gotten from the press, and I no longer trust the press. Good luck to them though, they're going to need as much of it as they can get.

Later still. A bus downtown and then a short walk: a Friday mid to late afternoon, the air quite cool, not many people for that time of day on the sidewalks. A walk (an amble, really: no exercise as such) along Broadway then back to Grand before catching a bus. A decent walk, not overly long, but enough to say I've gotten my walking in and now it's time to get back to making prints and such. We're making progress with the prints. We are. Slowly. Plenty of things I want to do on my plate, time left in the day to make progress on at least one in getting them done. (Hup! Hup!)

And your Photoshop lesson? Are we going to go through it soon before we forget? And those PocketWizards? Have you tried them yet?

We are, um, making progress.

The photograph was taken at a Street Fair on Telegraph in Berkeley with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.