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January 19, 2011

Without Effect

Wednesday. A good evening, I'd say. A trip to the sushi restaurant for sake - spicy muscles, calamari, California Maki and green tea cheese cake - having finished reeling in the various pieces of my psyche that had wandered off on their own into the late afternoon “episode”. A nice bit of a buzz from the sake, not really what I was after, but overall it seems to have bucked me up. This is maybe good, maybe bad, but I do notice the sake knocks back the upper palate-sinus business a lot, makes me forget I have it. Something, I suspect, that could be abused if over used. Not a particularly original insight.

So up with the alarm at six, to breakfast and the papers, back before eight getting a tank of gas across from my morning café on the way. Eleven gallons of gas. Something like fifteen miles per gallon, almost all of it driven in very short trips to my, well, morning restaurant, come to think of it. Not great, but at a mile or so a day it doesn't add up to much.

My guitar lesson later at ten. We'll loosen up on the guitar beforehand, see where we stand with this week's lesson. We've done better than we have some other weeks, the time I'm spending on the guitar seems to be increasing as the various scales and chords and such become more interesting, but I haven't quite yet taken complete responsibility for it, haven't gotten my arms around it and made it my own. But it's coming. I can see progress, see increased interest, see more progress coming. (hup, hup)

Later. A good guitar lesson, progress made, progress ahead. Home now on a sunny morning, the mouth morphing at the moment into its metallic foul tasting mode, wondering if I'm on schedule for another “event” later this afternoon. We'll see soon enough. Meanwhile we'll play some guitar and maybe get outside to shoot a picture. I say a picture. Not a lot of confidence there, from the sound of it, maybe get ambitious and see if I can't change that for the better.

Later still. The foul mouth waddled off on its own after while, so a bus down to Jack London Square to wander around a bit, nothing too strenuous, a waffle ice cream cone at Ben & Jerry's because, well, just because. A walk then back to the City Center to sit at a table for maybe ten minutes, an Americano at the Rotunda building, a bus then back to the apartment, the head clear and no double vision in sight.

So now we're heading into the late afternoon. Let's see if there's anything waiting in the shadows, any surprises. Or would it be a surprise anymore, these journeys?

Early evening. A reasonably good afternoon, not a whisper of you know what. Clear headed, attitude upbeat. My, my. I practically don't know what to do with myself. Plenty of guitar practice, done without effort or complaint, now maybe hang one or two of those framed pictures I still have propped up against the bedroom walls. Of course I've said the exact same thing in the past, many times, without effect.

The photograph was taken recently while walking home from my sushi restaurant with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.