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January 18, 2011

We Will

Tuesday. Another sunny morning, up just after eight. Well, awake just after eight, up at eight-thirty, to breakfast and back before ten. So we got some sleep last night, at least eight hours. Looking forward to seeing how the day ends what with the recent ocular migraines in the late afternoons. That's the focus, I'm afraid. That and the guitar lesson.

I discovered I'd missed a new scale that was assigned at the last lesson and, although I went over it for some time yesterday (as I will today), you don't really get these things down in two days. So two things of interest on the list: scales and ocular migraines. Not a list I'd have forecast for myself had I been making such lists ten years back. No complaints. We still have a list. Many I've travelled with don't.

Later. A bus ride downtown getting off at Bakesale Betty's thinking pumpkin pie with whipped cream, but discovering they hadn't made pie today and their cupboards were empty. My, my. Heading along I took a photograph of a now empty Chinese restaurant's front door and then doubled back to shoot one of Bakesale Betty's windows (I think it's a window) right next door and wondered when and how these things happen. This is an active area in the evenings, there are half dozen reasonably upscale bars and restaurants at this corner catering to a younger crowd, so you'd think there'd somehow be less of this stuff. Still, an excuse to take a picture.

A walk then the rest of the way downtown, no restaurants in the City Center attracted me to sit and have lunch, so a run then by Rite Aid to buy necessary items. Enough, I thought, so a walk up Broadway along Grand before catching a bus home. Again, the sun shining, the air quite cool, but not overly cold. A nice day, my various maladies on good behavior. Pretty good behavior. More guitar practice I think, another session anyway, charge the camera batteries I used on Sunday and make a few prints to send along with a disk containing the baby pictures. Much to be done, so little time to do it. Don't you think?

Man up.

Ah, yes. To sloth. One shouldn't let sloth coil its little smoky pokey tendrils around the writing. Or the photography. Or the guitar playing. I let it seep into all three, ask it in to tea, evidently to my detriment.

Yet you continue to keep doing it.

With age comes wisdom. Sloth is much underrated. There are still advantages to this aging business.

Later still. Six-thirty in the evening, another “episode” under the belt. They seem to be coming at just about the same time, later in the afternoon, over by six or seven, the evening then pretty good. Why the same time? Always the same time. What am I routinely doing that might cause this? Or is that not even the right question? Hard to say. Gotta get to that doctor's appointment.

Otherwise here we are with the guitar, one more practice session before the lesson tomorrow. Push, push, push. I'm not sure if its pushing me or I'm pushing it, but it seems about right. We'll persevere. We will.

Added later: For some reason I went down to the sushi restaurant at the bottom of my hill and had frozen green tea cheese cake. My little “episode” had frozen green tea cheese cake as an element in it, no reason to go into the particulars, but green tea cheese cake under the influence of an ocular migraine takes on additional significance. And I wanted to see if the cheese cake, but more to the point the sake, would make a difference, cause a relapse. The calamari “legs”, the spicy mussels, well, I'm sure they play no part. Nor the California Maki. Certainly not. We'll see. And report.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2007 Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens.