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January 10, 2011

I Hope

Monday. Back from breakfast and the papers at nine, to bed last night at nine, up this morning at seven-thirty. Took me a bit to get to sleep, but still, over eight hours sleep on top of sleeping away most of yesterday. The head feels pretty good, the attitude intact, so I guess we're back on track, but I still have no idea why I've needed so much rest.

A reasonably clear sky, the sun bright, the temperature still cool, but who's counting?

You're counting.

Well, I do mention it now and again. Seems colder than I remember, but I'm older than I remember, and who knows how your relation to such things may change with age? They're saying global warming has caused the wind patterns to change and arctic air normally bottled up around the poles is being blown down and around over your's truly here in California, colder here, much warmer in the arctic. Nothing as bad as what they're seeing north of here or across the country over to and down the east coast, but still. We'll see. This may be an aberration of anecdotal news and mass hysteria than any real change to the cold.

Do you believe that?

California, the Bay Area at least, is warm, but the weather has always been fickle, ranging from one extreme to the other. I've never been able to anticipate what's coming, I've been here too long, seen too many changes, too many warm followed by cold January mornings and nights.

Later. A walk down the way to get outside the apartment, looked in at Walden Pond Books, walked on farther to the morning café to have a glass of tea and a bagel with cream cheese. Seemed right. Sitting there it suddenly occurred to me I had a pulmonary doctor's appointment at one forty-five and looked at my watch to see it was twelve forty-five. My, my. Remembered this morning, forgot and set out on a walk. Still, plenty of time, back to the apartment and on in the car.

I'd stopped the inhalers weeks back and went over my situation with the doctor, mentioning the double vision problems had been acting up even though I had been off the inhalers now for a while. Mentioned I was due to see an ocular neurologist in the next month. He suggested I see the neurologist, show her the list of medications he'd prescribed, as well as one he was thinking of prescribing, ask her opinion and then come back. OK. Good. We'll do that.

A slow day otherwise. The double vision, yes. Hard to describe. It goes double to the side, sometimes to the front. Doesn't really cause me to falter or slip, but it's there, it's in the way and it has me wondering about it. So we'll see the ocular lady later when her office calls. Particularly if this persists.

Later still. I suspect I'll get another night of eight hours plus sleep. Not overly tired, but not overly awake. Strange days. Are they getting stranger as time goes along? Not too quickly, I hope. We hope.

The photograph was taken at the E Clampus Vitus meet at Molloy's in South San Francisco with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 120mm f 4 Nikkor VR lens.