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Ozzie (the wonder dog) in the far north

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January 28, 2008

The Mind Snaps
Monday. Got out the door this morning in the dark to take my run to Starbucks for coffee and a paper and discovered the ground covered with snow. The car wipers were able to clear the windshields and the heater air on the windows took care of the rest (by the time I returned), but interesting. I had no idea it was snowing lying in bed last night, although they talked about the possibility on the local weather programs over the weekend. It's still effectively night as I write before seven, not enough light to shoot a picture. Not enough light for lazy me to shoot a picture. Some traffic, the roads not all that slippery, although there was still plenty of white to offset the dark tracks left by earlier traffic. No need to speed. Take it easy. It's early.

Last evening was a pretty good evening for both my attitude and general well being. Assembled two of the tripods I'd packed, one for the camera and one for a strobe, setting them up and actually shooting pictures. Of me, nobody else around, but that will change if this head of steam (instead of full of steam) continues. I've essentially been flat on my back (butt) feeling like crap since before I arrived, but yesterday was a step better, a step up, let's see how it goes snow or no.

Eight-thirty, some light now. Ozzie (the wonder dog) is lying out in the snow on the deck because that's (I guess) what wonder dogs do. He let's you know when he wants to come back inside. The new young lady who is replacing the old young lady (everybody's a young lady anymore) who will be exercising and feeding Ozzie every day now that the old young lady has bailed to go to work for Ikea is coming by at nine to walk him (through the snow) and then take him with her to the pet store where she works saying he'll have a heck of a good time with all of the other dogs and cats and birds and fish and reptiles. OK by me, what do I know?

The weather report, by the way, says rain and snow for the next seven days. Gotta think in terms of snow pictures: cute animals, upset neighbors on their snow mobiles, snow covered wine bottles stacked in a row. Then again there are naps. Long winter naps. Short winter naps. Naps, naps, the mind snaps. Here in Portland.

The photograph was taken of Ozzie (the wonder dog) in the far north today with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at 1/160th second, f 2.8, ISO 200.