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January 27, 2008

In For Surprises
Sunday. I've mentioned the head-sinus thing has been shrinking, moving up out of the upper teeth and palate into the sinuses and head. Not that it's getting more intense, it's never been all that painful, more sore at the lower end of the spectrum, a manageable you can live with it end of the spectrum, but there seems to be a certain head in a bell not quite balanced aspect that makes me think I need sleep, more sleep and creates a predilection for staying inside. Driving is not a problem, I see as many as nine out of ten of the other cars on the road, it's getting out of the car and interfacing with the world that gives me a flutter. So what this means is - cut to the chase - I haven't been shooting pictures. I haven't been walking the neighborhood or driving here or there looking for images. This is merely an obstacle, a thing to be overcome, I'm thinking you don't make break through's without a little effort.

A little effort may be over your limit.

Nah, it sounds weird, but it doesn't strike me as something terminal or something that won't eventually go away. Gives me something to think about during the odd hours when I'm not listening to news programs in order to divert my attention from this day to day reality that's forever butting in.

A run to Winco (the super grocery store) just before seven this morning (I discover it's open twenty-four hours a day) to buy milk, cereal, peanut butter (extra crunchy), orange juice and V-8. Makes for good breakfasts and maybe a lunch or two, but not great for dinners. It's gotten me to thinking, though, maybe I should start cooking again. Good for the health and the waistline and the budget. And I once rather liked cooking, attended a number of cooking classes when I was in the wine business in Napa, even attended a couple of classes in Emeryville up the way from Oakland when I joined the shipping company (a woman caused me do it, but boy howdy was it was an easy sell). Another break through? Could be. Not sure it will result in any new pictures unless I start photographing casseroles.

Why do I think you might be serious?

Strange, isn't it? I had the same thought. Maybe we're in for surprises.

The photograph was taken just now was taken just now with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens and an off camera SB-800 at 1/60th second, f 2.8, ISO 100.