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At a recent birthday lunch in Oakland.

January 30th, 2003

Wanna Get Wet?
A good morning, this morning, a reasonably good afternoon. Odd how much difference that makes to my attitude. Tired last night, yes, babbling in the journal, but I got to bed reasonably early and fell asleep, getting up at an ungodly hour, yes, but rested, ready for the day. I guess it's about recovering from this operation. You feel good, you forget you're still recovering (and you hit the wall). People who have been through this give you warning. They are explicit. You know it's coming from the heart. And you nod your head. And you believe them. And then you're surprised when it happens to you. Doodle-dee-do. Life as parody, repeated, word for word, line for line, by each and every one. OK, what the hell? Live and learn.

This seems to have been techie week on the company layoff schedule. I think we're safe for now. Other divisions will get theirs, I am hearing, next week, and for all I know, the week or weeks to follow. What was that email? Hands off moving people in the building until the end of February and the dust has settled? OK. A big production. They are cutting all kinds of people with critical knowledge, not shared by those who remain, and I guess this is normal in any downsizing. You see how knowledgeable your management really is, what they know about their employees, what they contribute, what they don't.

A techie knows who knows and who doesn't, who you can trust and who you cannot. Any operation this size makes mistakes, but how many mistakes are you allowed before the company goes under, because, well, the mainframe goes down for a week and you can't book a sale or cut an invoice? It is instructive to watch. By the time my business career is done I may actually have accumulated enough business knowledge to begin on square one. OK, what the hell? Live and learn.

Other than that, the weather is nice. The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade is coming next month and I count the parade the beginning of my photography year. I've said I haven't had the energy to shoot any pictures, and that's true, but if I feel over these coming days like I feel today, this dry period will end. Wadda ya bet it rains on the Chinese New Year Parade? Wadda ya bet I don't go cause I don't wanna get wet?

The photograph was taken at a recent birthday lunch in Oakland.