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San Francisco Mission District

January 12th, 2003

The Beginning
Strange days. I really am not back up to speed after that operation. I get tired, I'm still dizzy half the time and there are disturbing aches and pains in my chest when I lie down. Takes about an hour to settle, then a night's sleep, then a good morning. Today I had to go into the office to finish a project due tomorrow. Not good.

Back home for a nap, read the paper, watch some football. Well, watch football in the sense the Raiders game is playing in the background. I have not a clue what has happened this football season. (American football. I understand there is another football.) I - a terrible admission - do not know who won the Rose Bowl. Sherlock Holmes said he didn't know the earth revolved about the sun, wasn't useful to him in solving crimes and catching criminals, didn't want to clutter his head with things he didn't use, only so much room, you understand, inside the noggin. Not knowing who won the Rose Bowl is akin, only I have too much room inside my noggin.

There was a time, I think more prevalent here on the left coast, when long haired hippie freaks thought sports another brain dead piece of The Evil System. This was more jive than reality, but still, not knowing who won the Rose Bowl, not really knowing if this Raiders game playing in the background is the last or next to last set of playoff games before the Super Bowl, these are interesting realizations. (All right, I checked Google: Oklahoma crunched Washington State. My one shared conceit with S. Holmes is history.)

Later. I believe the Raiders have won. I believe I have taken two naps today, two periods where I crawled into bed and stared at the ceiling. Next week we learn what is happening at the office, the meeting tomorrow morning the beginning.

The photograph was taken at a rent control demonstration in the San Francisco Mission district.