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Cartoonist Ted Richards in San Francisco

January 7th, 2003

Dirty White Wall
I'm out of photographs, of course. I haven't shot anything in going on eight weeks, so I'm going back and looking at stuff I did in the 70's. Ted Richards did the Dopin' Dan series of comix for the Rip Off Press and I seem to recall he and a number of the other underground cartoonists shared a studio in San Francisco where I shot this picture. I ran into him recently at a Comics Art Museum seminar where he was on a panel with Spain and Wilson.

A long day today at the office. You can feel the fear. We've all been talking about this, but something is very obviously coming in the next week and everyone understands we're all vulnerable. They're talking about a twenty percent reduction. Rumor, lot's of rumor, but that's a bunch of people.

Actually (back to the important stuff) I like the photograph. Trite, you know, an unoriginal image of "the artist", but Ted had the right idea. I didn't much like it at the time, but it's nice to have these years later. Tri-X, of course, nice grainy Tri-X, shot against a dirty white wall. In a rational universe all photographs would be shot in Tri-X against a dirty white wall.

The photograph of the cartoonist Ted Richards was taken at his studio during the mid 1970's in San Francisco.