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At the Rip Off Press in San Francisco

January 6th, 2003

In The Basement
One good thing. Yesterday I got out and about, spending the day as I spend most weekend days since the operation, but yesterday was the first day I felt I could have made it through the day without one of these pads. You know, the leaky dick thing you get after a prostate operation? I've realized for some time now I could fake it if it didn't get better, but yesterday I realized I was as close to getting better as you could get without actually being there. Maybe today. Maybe a week from today, but it's coming. So I'll say it: "This is a good. This is very good." I thought I might mention it just in case there was any confusion on the subject: Men prefer living their lives without the need of a diaper. Now about that other aspect. I have no idea. They say it takes time, sometimes the rest of your life. Shucks. Really.

Oh, yes. Today they announced the company CEO is history. Other announcements are expected as they weed out the house one level at a time, right down to the peons in the basement. This is probably not good if you live in the basement.

The photograph was taken during the mid 1970's at the Rip Off Press in San Francisco.