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Off Highway 101 in Oregon

January 2nd, 2002

So Far, So Good
Wuss freaked me out yesterday. I returned home in the afternoon to find him standing in the kitchen with a white frothy line of drool falling from his mouth to the floor. What in the fuck? I'd fed him his antibiotics before I'd left and wondered they had something to do with it, but still, it looked as if it had started just before I arrived - I'd been over in Berkeley for an hour or two. He settled down, ate something from his dish, and the day progressed.

Last night he slept on my bed, but this morning he wasn't interested in breakfast. A cat not interested in breakfast is not interested in life. He'd moved off his rubberized carpet pad with a clean bath towel on top (I don't want you to think I make him camp out in the cold without a blanket or anything), so I picked him up and moved him to his pad. He was uncomfortable being moved, breathing too fast and he heaved once or twice as if he were going to throw up. I thought shit, this might be it. Götterdämerung for Wuss.

I left for the office and made an appointment with the vet when they opened, then went back to Taken at the office pick him up and took him over for an examination. He seemed better. The vet went over him as she listened to the story and thought, finally, he had an irregular heart beat. She wondered if this could have something to do with his weight loss. He's lying on the chair beside me now having just fed him a quarter tab of something for his heart (I know, I know, he's building his own pill cabinet) and they'll do a sonogram on Friday. He looks OK. The twenty year old me would have been horrified to read this, doddering old fart and his doddering old cat. The older old me is horrified to read this, but doesn't give a shit. Sonogram, telegram, what's the difference? You do what you do and you don't worry about it.

We've been told the new organization chart will be announced at the company soon, but the changes are to our benefit and our jobs are for the nonce, secure. This is good. This is good. I got an email today asking if I might like to moonlight for a local non profit as their LAN support. I think I might. An opportunity to meet new people, do different things.

The new year starts. People are still out on vacation this week and the new year really kicks in at the office on Monday, but so far, so good.

The banner photograph was taken off Highway 101 in Oregon and the youngster was photographed at the office in Oakland.