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Fourth of July, Jack London Square, Oakland

January 1st, 2002

Well, Yeah
Why no thoughts last night about getting out and shooting pictures? Not a thought about the giant parties being held on the streets of San Francisco. OK, I'd be alone, at night, in the rain, packing lots of equipment. It looked like rain. They were talking about rain. It didn't rain, but that doesn't matter. They said it would rain. So there. BART runs til 3:00 in the morning, there are plenty of people around, most of them incoherent, but around, and I don't have to bring all the photo equipment, just a camera, extra batteries, plenty of film. OK, a couple of strobes, another lens or two, just in case there's no available light, another camera body in case of failure. Plenty of half blasted people, happy enough to see a photographer, they'd notice somebody beating me over the head for my cameras, they'd come to my rescue. Right?

Hey! Eddie! Lookit the picture guy getting trashed!





Best I stayed inside with my Wuss and my blankie. I guess. This beginning of the New Year. In Oakland.

My cafe was open this morning and I've had breakfast. It's overcast, something akin to a heavy mist in the air, no electric little currents whispering my name - come out! come out! - so I guess I'll spend the day puttering around the apartment.

There's a lot of clarity right now. I talked about not making a list, but there are two projects I think I have to complete by the end of the summer to position myself for another job at another company in another career doing what I'd like to do for a living rather than what I'm doing now. Luck, willpower and work will do it. We'll leave it at that. A new apartment, a good feeling, the young woman in the apartment across the street standing naked in her bathroom window as I write, what more could I want in the way of portents? Other than a camera in hand, of course, equipped with a telephoto lens?

Winning Saturday's lottery would have been nice.

Well, yeah.

The banner photograph was taken on the Fourth of July in Jack London Square in Oakland.