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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

A shot from the past.

January 14th, 2001

Work Tomorrow
I did spend four hours at the office today working on web pages and a couple of more hours here at home. Normally I'd ask myself what in the hell I was doing, but it was kinda fun and I'm looking forward to what may be coming up in the next few weeks. Sitting here saying over and over I want a chance to do more with the web and then not doing anything about it can be stressful. Maybe I'm kidding myself. Maybe I really don't like doing any of this stuff after all and I'm just indulging a neurotic need to talk.

Naturally I've discussed this with Wuss, who has firm opinions on the subject. His general position is anything that doesn't have to do with food, shelter, sleep or the ladies is crap. Even dogs have better sense, although with him this skirts the edge of a controversial subject. "Crap", he repeats, carefully curling up on the chair beside the desk, finding a comfortable position and dropping off to sleep. "Something to fill my journal", I reply, although I know he's no longer listening.

I've been watching some of the news reports on the earthquake off the coast of South America and Street person in Berkeley idly turning over the fact that we're due for one here in Oakland. When, well, you know, whenever. Still, we get in this day to day rut talking about web sites and cats, photographs and breakfast, BART trains and buttered toast forgetting that it can all slide into the bay at any given moment and whether you're happy or sad with the gas mileage you're getting on your SUV it doesn't mean all that much when you're pinned under a five story building bitching and bleeding. Or, worse yet, fit and alive and out of film. (Surely you would head out and spend your time saving widows and children instead of shooting pictures. Right? Right?) Absolutely. I'm such a sweetheart.

Let's see, I just returned from feeding the cat upstairs while his owner is away. I'll bring my digital camera tomorrow and shoot a picture of Spider, who has grown quite a lot since I last fed him in September. So take this as a kitty cat alert. Photo to follow.

Yes, I have to work tomorrow.

I started shooting photographs again when I decided to shoot some pictures of a model railroad that I was (thinking of) building. This is one of my first photographs with the Nikon N90s. All of the model railroad stuff is in storage and the N90s has morphed into what I now judge to be Nikon madness. (Hee, hee!) The second photograph was taken around the same time on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. The quote is by Samuel Johnson.