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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.


January 13th, 2001

With Camera
Up, down to breakfast, back, here now at the computer. What? What?

Later, discussing the situation with Wuss. These flashbacks. More and more frequent. Wuss suggests we take a long vacation near an ocean where they catch fish and heap their carcasses up behind the tourist hotels. A land hospitable to tabby cats who wouldn't otherwise choose to travel. Cat's eyes do not glaze over in contemplation, cat's eyes are forever predatory and sharp, but here he comes close, looking wistfully into the distance, at another cat, perhaps, in another time. His lips part and I think I hear a soft whisper: "tuna".... I do not consider this an altogether good plan, heaps of fish and all of that, although I am ready to consider the ocean, back to primal waters, dipping my head into the tide and letting all this encrusted crap around my brain flow away with the foam. Similar effects, I am told, can be achieved in the kitchen with tap water and a plastic bucket.

Have I mentioned how happy I am that it's Saturday?

My thought is to spend today or tomorrow at the office finishing up a web site that needs to go online Monday. I have suggested that things are getting wobbly at work, rumors of a complete reorganization coming, a clear disdain expressed for employees who's lack of ambition has allowed them to vegetate for more than two or three years with the same company. What kind of man or woman spends more than two or three years at the same location? The habit of my youth, but I am not certain that youthful me is a good model for business or personal success. So I think I'll bury myself in my little corner of the web, put more money into savings and worry later when I begin to feel the waters rising around my desk. That and look for a job in a warmer climate. My assumption is I'm safe through the end of the year if I keep my mouth shut. I am not good at keeping my mouth shut.

The sun is shining. I am going to go out the door and take a walk. With camera.

The photograph was taken in the fall one or two years back. The quote is by Samuel Johnson.