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February 26, 2016

A Difference

Friday. I did get to bed early last night, although it's a bit hazy now as to how the night had gone. A reasonably good night is the guess, no waking up without being able to get right back to sleep. Up at six in time to listen to the first half of Democracy Now as they discussed last night's Republican debate before I headed out to breakfast. Their description of the debate varies from descriptions you may hear on most main stream media. The primary reason I listen to it.

Grey and overcast, they're saying a chance of showers later this evening, but a decent walk to and from breakfast. The sinus-upper palate is acting up, not sure why, although I sometimes suspect the local air quality, checking a tablet app that dials into the local testing station telling us that Oakland is often over the top. Not good to learn such when you're also reading stories about lead and water in places like Kent. The air, the water. But we're babbling now. Must stop.


Later. Watched last night's episode of Elementary on the tablet this late morning in the middle of a “funky, let's lie down and allow this to blow off” episode. Enjoyed Elementary well enough with the added “funky” aspect, I guess. No big deal, go with the flow and such, but then got to thinking more about this “funky” feeling crap, a word that doesn't really quite describe it. Funky, as in crap.

Anything I'd done this morning that might cause it to arrive a little stronger than it usually does? I did take a second dose of the pain meds for the sinus-upper palate that's been acting up. I've looked up its known side effects in the past. The list is long and it's not hard to cobble together a set of symptoms from it that's similar to “funky”.

I've always included the pain meds in the mornings along with the rest of the prescribed meds when I get up and, well, it wouldn't be difficult to stop taking them as a test, see if they are part of the problem. So we'll stop. For a week. I say I'm not sure they're all that useful in dialing down the sinuses as it is, couldn't hurt to run a test.

Later still. Walked to the ATM on Lakeshore feeling better. Had two scoops of ice cream at the Dryer's shop on the way back. Thought about getting something other than ice cream, I was hungry, but ice cream won out. Home now, having stopped to sit by the lake, thinking tired and feeling tired and so home to lie down again. I'd taken that second suspect dose of the meds in the mid-morning, best not to think about them until tomorrow. Or in a couple of more days. Do a week long test as I'm not sure how long they'll retain an effect.

Evening. In restarting the tablet to clear out the gunk a couple of days ago to get Netflix working properly, I now find I have an ungodly number of movies and television shows stacked up in the currently viewing list, most of them not even half finished. I wonder if other people do this? Start and then give up? Didn't want to take up where I'd left off this evening with even one. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week.

Feel pretty good at the moment, we'll see if that holds later in and through the morning after skipping tomorrow's sinus meds. Be nice if there was a difference. Decided to skip Charlie Rose at eight and then crawled into bed. Not sure that makes a difference.

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.