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February 20, 2016

He Said

Saturday. And a good night's sleep, awakening at six-twenty after a lights out at nine-thirty last night. Didn't really feel up to walking until I got out the door, not unusual, but a good clear headed, teary eyed walk to breakfast on a not too cold, clear sky morning, walking back feeling good, good enough to make a mental note. The Chinese New Year Parade later this late afternoon in San Francisco, should be an interesting day ahead.

Put together the preliminary web pages for the parade. The New Year Parade web pages are some of the earliest pages and pictures I'd taken when I began shooting photographs again in the late 90's and some of them are screwed up, out of sequence and such, although none of the “errors” are apparent if you're not looking closely. Maybe work on them today before we head to San Francisco later. Maybe.

Later. Spent time preparing new web pages for the New Year Parade, but only started on redoing the early parade pages and pictures. We'll leave them until we process today's production and that will take us through the end of the weekend.

And then you'll be tired of New Year Parade pictures.

Undoubtedly, but the odd numbering and such of the old pictures will stick in the mind for a while. I suspect I may actually do something about them.

Hungry without having any idea of where I might like to go or what to get for lunch and so a walk over to the lake and then on by the farmer's market, looping about here and there until I ended up at the Subway on Lakeshore. A 6-inch tuna fish with Swiss sandwich along with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickles and olives. I figure you can't go too far wrong with other than the cheese and Swiss is pretty far down on the list of foods to be avoided. Cheddar, you understand, being the real culprit.

Back to the apartment to lie down briefly and prepare to head out for the bus and to BART. Probably shouldn't have done so much running around before the parade, but we needed to get outside the house. At least the weather is good, the temperature is good and we should get some pictures.

Later still. Arrived too early by a good half an hour, but better early than late one would suppose, if one were in the habit to arriving at place too early. A yogurt and a small coffee at a Starbucks when I got to Market.

Reminded that the parade, at least as it's being cobbled together before it starts, consists primarily of high school age and younger kids: marching bands, martial arts groups, dancers and the like. Which is fine, but not exactly what I'm after with my candid portrait bent.

Searched out pictures until about forty-five minutes before the parade was due to start when I realized I was indeed out of gas. All out. That running around to get lunch prior to setting out for the parade had had a price. More to the point, my recent lack of walking and exercise is the real culprit and I need to make a change. Walking the lake every day, walking to Latham Square rather than the bus. Stuff like that. I'm tired enough right now to do something about it.

He said.

No, for real. We're not ready to write off shooting events yet.

He said.

Evening. Feel The Bern didn't quite come through in Nevada, but it's not over yet. I've said we're in “interesting times” in the Chinese sense, but “interesting” doesn't go nearly far enough when it comes to the Republicans and the candidates they've come up with. I'm hoping this is all surface noise, an odd show business sort of turn in ways of reaching an electorate and it will all settle into something more recognizable in November when push comes to shove.

He said.

He said.

The photo up top was taken today at the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.