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Here In Oakland

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February 19, 2016

Still Appeals

Friday. Lights out early, to sleep early, awake at six. Two minutes before six, just in time to catch the beginning of Democracy Now as I was getting up and out of bed. After a decent night of rest. I'd guess.

Clear skies, a walk to breakfast to read a story in one of the papers about a local school that has replaced the usual 5th grade student desks and chairs with stand up desks without chairs and how well they've been working out as in exercise, additional calories burned and such. Many benefits, all of which would apply to someone such as your's truly who, well, sits at a computer a whole lot in between naps and so he/I read the story with interest.

Exiting the café I took the usual picture of the gas station sign across the street just as - what else? - the bus arrived. After reading about the kids and their stand up desks, how good they appeared to be for both attitude and health, did I take the bus or did I walk? The bus, of course. We knew what we were doing, but we, well, still did it.

The story told, maybe we'll do something about it and maybe not, but we haven't forgotten the benefits put forth: better sleep at night, better energy, better a whole bunch of other stuff I often complain about. Well, think about and write about. We'll see. We always do, whether we want to see or not.

Later. A ten o'clock bus to Latham Square, the wind in gusts and the clouds looking a more ominous coming in from the west. Still, no rain, a set of pictures of a large number of workmen at the Square laying down many bricks in the sidewalk areas. Progress.

A walk then to the pharmacy to pick up one last prescription refill at the pharmacy, the last in that we'll now pick them up at a Lakeshore Walmart. Mail order would be cheaper and easier, but best to do the pickups at Walmart as it will get me out walking. If truth be known.

Watched Elementary on the tablet. Enjoyed it well enough. Raining now, which is fine as long as it stops by the end of the day tomorrow. Nice if it stops in the night tonight before it's time to set out for breakfast tomorrow, but we'll go with whatever happens. I do want to get a decent set of photographs at the parade.

Evening. A twentieth anniversary broadcast of Democracy Now. Interesting seeing how I can listen to it with interest when I'm getting up in the mornings, but I'm not able to repeat listening/watching the program later at five-thirty when it's broadcast on television. Not just Democracy Now, don't necessarily want to single it out.

Nothing on television otherwise, two of the PBS stations in fund raising mode, Charlie Rose covering territory I've watched now too many time on other news sources and little playing anywhere else. Sleep still appeals on a Friday, here in Oakland.

The photo up top was taken today at Latham Square with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.