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February 10, 2016

Before Ten

Wednesday. Lights out at ten, awake at six and a decent night's sleep. Warm last night, warm this morning. Warmer, anyway. A walk to breakfast under an overcast sky, the sun coming out later around ten. A decent way to start the day, although the weight was down just under one fifty-one again. The old I would have worried that I could blow away in a gust of wind.

Enough of this wind.

Regular gas dropped a dime a gallon this morning and so a picture to document the fact. We have special conditions put on gasoline in California to keep pollution down and it adds to the price, but not as much as the two major oil companies who dominate the market here charge.

It's been talked about for years and there was another in a long line of stories this week where one of the state regulatory agencies again made the charge based on a recent study. It's stories like these and others that have fueled the current negative political reaction to the ever more bent economic/political situation. A drop of a dime. Anything to do with that study? And so the interest, my interest certainly, in the what's and why of our political system.

We talked about the wind.

Later. A bus at twelve-thirty to Latham Square to take a set of photographs. I'd been thinking of lunch, I was finally hungry, and so a walk to the City Center and the bagel shop (when's the last time I've been to the bagel shop?) to have a bagel with turkey and Swiss sandwich, everything but the onions, please. A table under a bright sun, people about, felt a little funky with the upper palate aching and a fuzzy brain, just enough to make you feel a little, um, vulnerable. This growing old again.

You do go on.

Back to continue working out the medical insurance problem. Yes, I'd gotten a letter and package from the old insurance provider saying they were keeping us on, but then, at the last minute, sent another that said - oops! - they'd made an error and we were on our own. Finally signed up with another provider, but hadn't realized they didn't cover my cardiologist (all this home self Protime blood thinner testing is done through my old cardiologist). So I need another cardiologist, none of whom evidently provide this particular test your blood at home business.

I didn't get in bed and pull the covers up over my head. Well, not for more than a week. Or maybe two. Stress, yes. Anyway we've been working it out this last week. Another reason to be supporting Sanders. All on my head for not working through this right away and getting on board with a vendor who covered my general practitioner and the cardiologist, but still.

At least you still have insurance. Many still don't, you know. You do know?

Evening. Watched Democracy Now to keep my progressive credentials in order, watched the first half of Charlie Rose again as they were talking about the primaries, past and coming. And that was about it for the evening. To bed without interest in the tablet and so lights out before ten. A good sign when you can say “before ten”.

The photo up top was taken while walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.