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February 9, 2016

Too Dry

Tuesday. Lights out not long after nine and getting a reasonably decent night's sleep that lasted until six, just before six, to get up, get out and walk to breakfast on another clear, not overly cold morning. Yesterday's high was eighty-one degrees here in Oakland, four degrees over the old record set in 2006, so there's no way to guess or say what we may see today. Hey.

The New Hampshire primary is underway. We'll follow it along and see how it turns out. We will.

Later. Noon. The laundry is done and I just now remembered again for the third time this morning that today is the day for the Protime blood thinner test. So do the test. Right now. Good. Done. The number came in too high for some reason, the blood thicker than we want, but we'll work that out with the nurse when she calls.

In the mid-seventies at the moment. I should go by Latham Square to take photographs, but I'm guessing that won't happen. The (so called) plan has been to take pictures every other work day to give them enough work time for the pictures to show progress, but with my history I'm afraid that's not something I'd count on. The apartment house site is now, for all practical purposes, finished. I'm looking forward to seeing Latham done and out of my hair as well.

Now, now.

Later still. The instructions are to skip tomorrow's blood thinner pill and then continue, check again next Tuesday. As expected.

Had a large breakfast, the weight was up over one fifty-two this morning, but it's been hard to generate any interest in eating much of anything so far this afternoon. Just not hungry, certainly not hungry enough to set out and get something substantial, but we'll make do. One fifty-two, working on one fifty-three. I know, too much useless information from the brain dead writer, but novel and weird enough for me. To me. Why couldn't I have been wrestling with this problem when I was thirty?

The New Hampshire primary poll closes at five (Pacific time) and so returns have started to come in. No doubt as to who's winning, Trump and Sanders, but by how large a margin? Not enough information in yet to know. I was thinking it might make for an interesting longer evening, but I now suspect we'll know the answer (or at least the totals) not long after six and we'll have to get through the rest of the night on our own resources. Nothing on television. The tablet is pretty much exhausted for the moment.

Are we carping?

We are just immersed in the usual babble.

Evening. Watched the first half of Charlie Rose for their commentary on New Hampshire. A twenty-two point win for Sanders. We are living in interesting times. Makes me wish, now and again, not all that often, that I'd taken my degree in Journalism.

To bed before nine, lights out on what is now a much warmer evening than we've recently been experiencing. Even the weather is “interesting”. Let's hope “interesting”, but not too dry.

The photo up top was taken while walking along Washington Street in downtown Oakland yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.