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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


February 2, 2016


Tuesday. Lights out by ten, but then keeping an eye on the clock and checking the vote totals at the Iowa caucuses a couple of times before giving up and getting to sleep. Slept reasonably well, awake at quarter past six to get up, check to see if it was raining (it was) and get ready to head to breakfast.

Of Clinton and Sanders thirteen hundred and ninety-six vote total, Sanders lost by four, seven hundred to six ninety-six. Exciting stuff, reminds me of other elections in the 70's now long past. This is going to be an interesting race and I'm not sure in backing Sanders I've made the “right” choice given all the warnings by pundits and the political class. Whatever the positives of Sanders’ platform, and I do think he's nailed the current broadly based discontent, he'd likely lose to a Republican because he calls himself a democratic “socialist”. Not quite as bad as an “ISIS apologist”, but, you know, close.

Anyway, a drive to breakfast in a light rain, intermittent rain on the way back, the weather people saying it will probably be clear for the game on Sunday. Not sure it matters here in my corner of the universe unless there were pictures to come out of it.

There obviously would be if you'd get off your duff.

Later. In need of a birthday card and so a walk to the bank on Lakeshore and the card shop across the street, a half clear, half threatening sky without more than a drop of rain either way. Two scoops of ice cream at the ice cream shop (just because) and the adventure of the day is (most probably) done although, looking out the window, there does seem to be more sun.

Evening. Maybe I was up longer last night than I'm remembering as the afternoon has slowed down considerably, more time spent on the bed with the tablet than spent doing anything else.

Watched Democracy Now, at least those sections I'd missed listening to it on the radio this morning. Last night Charlie Rose had a group commenting on the Iowa caucus returns as they were reported and he had a recap this evening during the first half of his show. Yes, I can still stomach watching this stuff, but in ever smaller doses. Enough is enough.

The photo up top was taken at the March For Bernie gathering at Lake Merritt last month with a Nikon D4s mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.