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Here In Oakland

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February 24, 2015


Tuesday. Nothing on television late in the afternoon yesterday, so to bed to watch a Korean television thing on the tablet and found the first hour long episode dissolving into another familiar but unpleasant ocular episode where the story line became mixed with the bedroom and strange things could happen. Well, not so much scary as really weird. What causes these?

I did receive a new shipment of an organic oatmeal I buy from Amazon (horrible to admit) and had one not all that long before the episode came on. Can it be the culprit? Or the scrambled eggs I had for breakfast? Or, again, the phase of the moon or this doddering slow motion slip into senility?

Anyway, an episode, and so lights out at seven-thirty to go right to sleep, awakening but once briefly and then sleeping straight through to the alarm at six. At least nine hours of sleep. You'd think, at least, the day will go well for curing any lack of tiredness and energy after running around taking pictures on Sunday, recovery, if recovery was needed, complete. You'd think.

So off to breakfast and back to photograph the six cent a gallon increase in gas prices over yesterday's increase of but two cents a gallon. Gallows humor in continuing to monitor these, I'd think. Who cares? You start, you continue taking them until it becomes routine and then you don't stop even when the thrill is gone. Well, why not? Life is strange. No reason to pretend it isn't. Click!

We seem to be wandering.

Not as badly as we did last night.

Later. For all the sleep last night it's been a slow morning, walking over to the morning restaurant at noon to have a grilled cheese sandwich, potato salad and coffee. For some reason that was what appealed. A walk back to the apartment, stopping by the lake to sit for a bit, not physically tired, but tired none the less. Not sure what that's about. A walk by the construction site to get the daily set of photographs, but a short walk taking maybe half a dozen pictures.

I think the idea now is to lie down, go back to that Korean thing I was watching last night and review the last fifteen or twenty minutes to see what actually happened, see if the characters faces changed in the way my addled brain was perceiving or if there was a more rational explanation to whatever it was that transpired.

Later still. More of that Korean, well, “soap”. I call it a “soap” for the overly dramatic treatment of primarily boy-girl relationships we'd gone way beyond in our T.V. and movies here when I was born, let alone where they're sitting now. Too many breaks in the narrative for overdone melodramatic asides that break the story line.

Too saccharine for your tender sensibilities.

Embarrassing. Could be my stoic Scandinavian upbringing coming to the fore.

Still, there are interesting elements in this one that seem to have me hooked, at least when I'm lying down cool and comfortable on the bed. Not sure I'd put up with watching it at the computer. This is probably a more troubling symptom than experiencing any series of strange ocular trips, the brain clearly demonstrating its downward slide. Still, it's a comfortable slide, watching while lying in bed and resting, for that we can be thankful. I'd think.

Evening. Up and away from the tablet to watch Democracy Now (uneven, Democracy Now, but a different view of world news) and then The News Hour, as I'd heard part of an interview on climate warming on the radio that I wanted to hear in full. Wasn't what I was hoping it would be.

Back to bed and the tablet and then to sleep. At a decent hour this night. I have my annual cardiac stress test in Palo Alto tomorrow and I want to be rested when I get up on that damned treadmill.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Museum's Lunar New Year Celebration and Other Asian Traditions with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.