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February 13, 2015

Know Tomorrow

Friday. And I watched the Lewis episode, last night. Yes, I'd seen it before, but only remembered who'd done it at the end. This is now the routine, no way it's going to change and so there's no reason to go on about it. A series I've not seen before, Vera, a British police procedural, started at nine-forty and I found it interesting for the twenty minutes I was able to watch it once I was able to get my head around the accents (and perhaps my now less stellar hearing) before switching to Elementary at ten. I went back and forth in an attempt to follow the Vera episode as it unfolded during the (seemingly never ending) Elementary advertising breaks.

To bed then after eleven, although staying up that late seems to have allowed me to go right to sleep, awakening briefly but once at three this morning and then back to sleep again to awake a minute before the alarm. Up and out the door clear headed and wondering. Clear headed after not enough sleep? Well, yes and no. I was too fuzzy headed to finish and post yesterday's entry when I returned and went to bed for an hour's, up finally to finish and post it by noon.

The doorbell buzzer. UPS. The Protime home blood test materials I'd run out of Friday had arrived. I'd called them Tuesday when they hadn't come in time to run the weekly test last Friday and they admitted they'd mistakenly cancelled my earlier reorder and said they'd get it out to me as soon as they could.

Very well, the test showed the number to be too high, we'll be told to skip tomorrow morning's dose when the nurse makes her followup call later today. At least it's done. Otherwise there's a nice day out there and the cobwebs are as gone as they ever get anymore.

Later. The temperature in the mid-seventies, warm enough to make shirt sleeves uncomfortably warm at times under a direct sun. T-shirt weather in February. Not too warm to head downtown on the bus in shirt sleeves to pick up a prescription refill and then coffee at an outside table in the City Center, a bit warmer though on the walk back up Broadway to catch the bus home. Got off a stop early thinking to take the day's photographs at the construction site, but decided to walk on to the apartment instead of turning left on Bellevue and shooting whatever pictures I could find from the apartment house driveway behind the site. Tired and too warm.

Evening. Some stuff on television this evening starting with New Tricks at seven, one I haven't seen before, but I need an early night to photograph the Vietnamese Tet celebration in San Francisco tomorrow. Not a bad day today, but tired after staying up late, we'll see if we can't get a proper restart going in the morning.

I still don't much like the Dalziel character, but I seem to be watching Dalziel & Pasco now that started at eight. Well enough to watch the two part episode that runs until almost ten? I doubt it, but we'll all know tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the March For Real Climate Leadership with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.