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February 28, 2014

Nice Mind Numbing
Friday. I managed to get to bed by ten last night, more the product of the web being too slow to watch a Netflix program than any determination to do so on my part. Such is life. Up a good hour after the alarm to set out in the rain for breakfast, the sun breaking through the ragged clouds on the way home. More rain today? From the looks of it. We'll see if it clears up by tomorrow, although the weather people aren't encouraging.

Feel good, if not particularly self righteous, as I had the single pork chop breakfast in contravention of everything I've said about ocular incidents here. I just don't seem to care. If the mood is right I order pretty much what I will, the urge to have a pork chop like the urge to eat some pizza: they come but rarely. The damage is generally modest, when there is damage, so we'll continue to think/talk/moan on about it and then not do anything about it I guess until the lesson is really severe. Meanwhile, a break in the rain: where's the camera?

Later. A brief, maybe forty-five minutes lying down to recharge the batteries, and then a walk over to the lake with a long lens on the camera during a lull in the rain. Not a single picture. Such is life, back to the apartment to change camera lenses and set out again.

For lunch. What else? Off to the morning café taking a couple of pictures of the lake to show all the crap that's been flushed out from the underground streams, on by the crew that was still chopping down that tree, wrestling when I passed with a chain saw to cut around its base to then lift it with the crane. Overcast, looking any minute like rain, so on to the restaurant.

Another turkey with Swiss cheese sandwich (what the hell, I'd had the pork chop breakfast without payback, let's see what the cheese in this sandwich can add), a pastry (blueberry something, more colorful than tasty) and coffee, raining most of the time I was sitting inside.

Back home to snap another picture of the crew still wrestling with the base of the tree, no urge to tarry to watch as they lifted it up and into the truck. Home, still clear headed, to call AT&T to see if something had happened to slow down the network or if something had gone wrong with the equipment here.

I remembered the AT&T crew that had been running wire (or whatever they were doing) at the beginning of the week, had they added another bunch of users to the line? My line? Probably not, but the system is slow and I wanted an answer.

And so, dialing their support number, naturally the phone locked up. It had updated the operating system yesterday and I'd muddled up the re-entry of the sim code which I'd forgotten is different than the password used to log you in. Well, a memory slip, obvious what had happened, but difficult to call for aid when you no longer had access your phone. And it was raining.

So a walk to the local AT&T shop on Lakeshore where they fixed it in about two minutes. Good. A walk back as the rain really started coming down hard and so I ducked into the ice cream shop for two scoops with chocolate sprinkles. Fuck it. Never waste a good excuse when it comes to rationalizing two scoops of ice cream.

No oncoming ocular symptoms?

Not a one. They're obviously lying in wait to ambush me later.

Evening. More Netflix (still slow, but not as slow as it was earlier) along with the guitar to while away the early evening. Watched New Tricks without too much damage to the psyche, followed by Charlie Rose to check the current line out of Washington Pundit Central. Not sure I was prepared to wade through Charlie Rose and so skipped out to get to bed before nine. Hup. Really. I will do this (but after some more nice mind numbing Netflix on the tablet in bed).

The photo up top was taken of a Snowy Egret fishing in Lake Merritt yesterday with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Nikkor lens.