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Here In Oakland

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February 27, 2014

Hit The Wall
Thursday. Watched something well into the evening on Netflix last night and, although I got to sleep late, I awoke just before the alarm was set to go off and headed out to breakfast without particular effort feeling reasonably human. We'll leave it at that. If we get tired later we'll take a nap. And, oh yes, the plain waffle with strawberries for breakfast. They were out of bananas.

There's a break in some nasty looking clouds out there, so we'll see if we can't get in a walk before it does something foolish.

Later. A walk out with a camera and a long lens to take a picture or two along the lake and poke my head and camera through a break in the apartment construction site fence. Not many birds after the earlier rain, the sun coming through openings in the moving clouds, and so a series of pictures of gulls, a Mallard and an egret, more playing around than serious.

A walk later to lunch wearing, for the first time, the Google Glass. Interesting series of thoughts going through my head. Not sure why other than I felt too conspicuous, an old Glasshole with his expensive new techie toy. Don't feel that way about carrying a camera, but I literally put them on and went out to the street, thought better of it and returned to leave them in the apartment, and then left and returned again to keep them under my coat until I put them on when I reached the café.

I don't think my waitress was aware of what they were, so I had her put them on and activated the little screen. No way I'm going to wear something like this in a restaurant, but I did take one picture inside and promised to show them the result (when I figured out where it was and how to get it). What I hadn't realized was the glasses will automatically post them into your Google + account. OK. Must remember all this. We're learning. Slowly. Painfully.

And yes I was wearing a broad brimmed Tilley hat to both camouflage the glasses and to soften my image: old fart in a Tilley hat, no inappropriate attitude displayed certainly, glasshole or no. Yes, I understand most of this is all in my head, but again, interesting going through it. And it's not over.

Later still. Futzing around, spaghetti later for dinner, starting on the guitar. A little late on the guitar, but we'll make up for it before very long. We will.



Evening. Nothing on television. Watched Democracy Now as one does anymore these days. Two of the three channel 9 PBS stations are raising money and so there's nothing to watch there, another two hour international detective thing starting at nine which I will probably avoid. The day has gone well, having gotten to bed late last night, no need to double down and hit the wall.

The photo up top was taken on a no parking Tuesday along Euclid with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR Nikkor lens.