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February 14, 2011

Figure That Out

Monday. They said rain and we have rain. Last night anyway, coming down reasonably hard, just a sprinkle this morning, not quite enough to run the wipers on intermittent. Up at six after getting to sleep not long after eleven, I guess that was enough. Enough or a nap later if it's needed. Doesn't really matter I guess.

To breakfast and back now after eight, a rainy week ahead. But up for it somehow, as there's plenty to do on the web sites and experiments needed with the camera strobes. These tasks have been sitting around for a while, but for some reason I seem to feel a need lately to actually do something about them. A silly conceit: no time to do this or to do that when you're retired and the rent is paid. But then I've mentioned this before. Many times.

Later. Some guitar. Not enough, but more than enough when I finish up with another session later. Some work on the broken links I've found on artandlife. We'll get all of those done this week. A bus downtown to pick up two prescriptions, a walk most of the way back. Overcast with periods of light mist rather than rain. I have every confidence it will manage rain again before the day is done.

The back is tired after the walk, not sure why, I've walked a lot farther without anything similar these last few days, but again, nothing that won't quickly pass. The head is reasonably clear. No thought of lurking ocular migraines, no double vision. Be interesting to find rainy days are good for one's ocular-molecular-astrological health, but this thought is just me spinning my wheels. Maybe a nap before I pick up the guitar.

Later still. An hour or so's work on the few studio photographs I've taken adjusting color balance and such. You do learn with time and I'm seeing photographs I passed over five years ago that I now like better than my original choices in addition to knowing how to correct color temperatures and balances that are out of line. I seem to like Photoshopping this stuff since I do it a lot. You know you're a portrait shooter though when you find you prefer the images of the lady in the side by side photos over the single topless picture above.

So you've given up on doing more studio work?

I don't know. It's another practice thing, you need to do a bunch of them before you start turning out images that make any sense (to yourself, at least). You'd think, well, attractive naked ladies, what's not to like? Well, nothing really, but there has to be something about the image, whatever the image, that comes out of the subconscious, that needs to come out of the subconscious and my subconscious seems to like portraits. Faces. Figure that out.

The photograph was taken walking along Bryant Street in San Francisco with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 50mm f 1.4 Nikkor AF D lens.