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February 13, 2011

Yes We Do

Sunday. A nice party. Forty people or so, most of whom I'd not met before, one or two friends I haven't seen in a while, a large dinner (Chinese, of course, being a Lunar New Year celebration). I was something of a lump, didn't make any attempts to meet new people or join in the various conversations, but everyone seemed to be having a good time. I shot a picture or two, but kept my camera out of people's faces. No need to meet new people with my cartoon camera persona too prominent, at least in a civilized setting. Home before ten, to bed by eleven. (hup! hup!)

Still, up this morning not long after five, unable to get back to sleep. To breakfast and the papers at the usual place, awake, reasonably sharp, bubbling along. Well, “bubbling along”. Let's not take this too far or make it too cheesy. I'm guessing I'll slow down and want a nap later, not sure why I was satisfied with so little sleep last night. Had two glasses of wine at the party, the second cut by half with water, so I don't think is was alcohol (we're good a blaming alcohol), but we'll know more soon enough.

Overcast now at eight, the weather people saying sun today with chances of rain starting Monday and then on through the week. After this last week, more like a warmer San Francisco summer than an Oakland winter, one can't complain. Nothing I can see marked on the kitchen calendar today to shoot, so we'll slip into whatever plan the day may reveal. Plenty on my “like to-do list”. I do mention, when I talk about my to-do list, it's a “like to do list”, do I not?

Later. A bus downtown and then a walk down to and through Jack London Square and the farmer's market. People were shopping, yes, but I don't think as many as I've seen in the past. I could we wrong on that. Is it a function of being winter? Might be, but the sun was out, the day was really good and I'm wondering how those folks at their tables are getting along. Have no idea.

So a picture or two, nothing serious, another blimp and a photograph to send to Mr. A, a picture of a truck that's seen better graffiti days. A walk then through Chinatown thinking do I want a cup of coffee and, if I do want a cup of coffee, where? Settled on an ice cream cone in the Asian Cultural Center. Evidently they did have their Lunar Year Festival there yesterday, but it started after I'd left. Such is life. At least I skipped the waffle cone at Ben & Jerry's (which is much larger and more expensive than a cone). We've been sticking at 160 pounds without too much effort, but we are also watching.

So, still, feeling pretty good. Maybe I got more sleep than I thought last night, maybe I've been getting more lately than I think. Watching your weight, watching your sleep, always watching for potential pictures (hup! hup!): it's like a submarine watching for enemy destroyers and their depth charges. Ben & Jerry's depth charges. Early morning breakfast depth charges. Depth charges cleverly hidden in the pillow on the bed. It's two in the afternoon, it seems the brain is folding its tent as time continues to march.

Depth charges?

Could be the fireworks. Brings back memories from my youth, makes the ears ring, muddles the brain.

Later still. I lay down for a minute that turned into well over an hour's nap, so I was indeed tired, I just didn't seem to feel it. Up now, taking my time coming awake. Another session on the guitar later this afternoon, I think, after a reasonably good one this morning. Futzed around with artandlife, correcting broken links. Embarrassing to have broken links after all this time, but we'll get to them, we'll get to them. We do have time now we can devote to these projects. Yes we do.

The photograph was taken of a Dragon dancer in Oakland yesterday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.