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February 10, 2011

They're Paired Together

Thursday. As mentioned, home last night before ten, nothing much in the way of pictures along the way, the various murals and pieces of graffiti engaging my interest. Up this morning with the alarm, to breakfast and the papers and now back at eight ready to futz with those portraits using the retouching techniques we went over last night. I think. We'll see.

Later. An hour or so's nap coming awake by degrees. I was thinking I needed more sleep this morning and indeed I did. The day again very nice, we'll get out there in the early afternoon and maybe another self portrait or two with more thought given to light placement, backgrounds and the like. But I doubt it. Well, who knows where the attention will wander, we have many things in the works, as long as it lands on one of them for long enough to get some of it done.

Later still. For some reason I went down and had sushi for lunch including a large flask of hot sake so I'm pretty mellow at the moment. Not sure why I did that, not sure I care, but we'll unwind for another hour or so here and then maybe take a bus downtown to check if a prescription I had refilled is ready. I could call, but I need the outing. An easy day, some time on the portraits taking the time to remember some of the more subtle steps learned last night. Progress (he said).

Later yet again. Well, we had our sushi lunch along with some sake and then a couple of hours later we had another ocular migraine while we were lying down half asleep with the news playing on the radio in the background. An odd experience, coming awake with an ocular migraine, fumbling with the idea I needed a reset to make the world whole, bring back the pieces of my mind that had gone out and somehow become absorbed into my immediate surroundings. Such is life. Sake and that corn beef hash I had with breakfast, maybe. They're on the list. Even less good for you, evidently, when they're paired together.

The photograph was taken at the Vietnamese Tet Friendship Festival in Santa Clara with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.