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February 9, 2011

Cab Before Ten

Wednesday. Again, what I'd call a “fitful” night's sleep, yet I'm up, clear headed, the aching sinus-upper palate in check, the attitude good. So maybe we'll just take a nap later, if needed, and forget about it.

My guitar lesson coming up in an hour so I'll go quickly through the riffs and chords to, um, limber up. I really don't like to feel as if I've not done enough practice for whatever reason when I'm going to one of these things, even when it's clear I've done more than enough. Need to work on that. Guilt or upset over such is silly when you're this many years along I'm thinking. Too much - hup! hup! - tires you out. All that strive against the storm crap should be in the past, whatever striving you're doing then or now, should be with a light handed self. As in be good to yourself (after you've made the rent).

Later. A pretty good lesson in the sense I didn't stumble all that much, kept the beat and such. Good to keep the beat and such.

Another really nice day, by the way, the sun going gangbusters, the temperature cool without being cold. A good day for a walk. A good morning for a walk and, since there's only an hour left in this particular morning, I think I'll pick up a camera and get me outside.

Later still. A bus downtown to hit the ATM and then a walk, not a long walk, but enough of a walk to call it a day, back now at the apartment thinking of updating this and doing that. Good thoughts. They lead to progress in tasks I've had ongoing for what seems like forever. I'm afraid to say forever, but that seems to be the pace although it's picking up. Give it its head, don't push it (hup! hup!) he said.

My Photoshop Portrait Retouching class tonight. I'm looking forward to it. The class, not necessarily the trip required to San Francisco to attend. Need to be honest, yes; not sure why so in public.

Later in the evening. A good class, went over some things I know well, went over some things I knew about, but found sitting through a refresher useful. All about retouching. I have some portraits in hand I'm going to practice on tomorrow, see if I can't engrave these techniques further into my brain. Poor brain.

The trip to San Francisco on BART straightforward, a picture or two along the way, a fifteen minute stopover at the West Oakland BART station to change to the Pittsburg Bay Point train, home taking a cab before ten.

The photograph was taken at the Vietnamese Tet Friendship Festival in Santa Clara with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.