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February 2, 2011

Makes A Difference

Wednesday. Another really nice morning, the sky clear, the sun shining through the balcony window at the moment as it rises above the roof tops across the street. Up at six (with the alarm), to breakfast and back before eight, my guitar lesson coming up at ten. And another Photoshop class later today in San Francisco at six.

Two appointments in one day, seem trivial from the sound of them, but part of me is feeling, well, pressed a bit. Weird. A trip to San Francisco on BART for the Photoshop class, there's parking available, but I'm not going over that bridge at five on a workday afternoon. Against traffic, yes, but I'm clearly not liking the thought of it if only because I haven't done it at that time of day in many years and have no idea what the traffic might be like.

So a quick go through today's lesson before heading out with the guitar, check email, check Facebook (I'm trapped in Facebook along with everyone else on the planet, I guess), write this and then hope UPS doesn't come by while I'm gone as they did last week. Another UPS shipment due today. Clearly I'll never learn before and until I'm broke.

Later. Back from my guitar lesson, the mouth beginning to feel the less than wonderful taste I associate with an ocular migraine, one of the little visual puddles of light you see when you close your eyes beginning to bloom in a corner. Went through the same thing last Wednesday at some point after the guitar lesson, but it evaporated before I went to the Photoshop class in the evening. A nap, I think, don't want to even be thinking about this later when I head for San Francisco.

OK, I took twenty minutes to lie down and listen to the news from Egypt, the little electric edged puddle when I close my eyes no longer in evidence; the mouth, however, feeling like an aluminum pot. Well, it feels nastily metallic. What would an “aluminum pot” taste like, even if I had one to lick? So a bad metallic taste in the mouth remains, although the world is otherwise in good order again and I'm up and running. Idling, actually, but the world is again in place.

Later still. OK, the mouth is starting to come back to being a mouth again, the other symptoms have evaporated, the outlook intact. Up and intact. No package deliveries yet, but no problem missing them today should I get any hungrier and be out getting something to eat when they arrive. That mounting board for the series of prints I ran last week is due and I'm looking forward to working with it, seeing if I can put together the image I have in mind. Still, a step at a time.

After class. A good trip to and back from San Francisco, the head clear, a spring in my step. A good class. I'm looking forward to the portrait class coming up next week. I may even take in the Friday afternoon Nikon lighting class they're holding in another week. (Hup! Hup!)

I'd done more web searching for ocular migraine symptoms and such and came across the foul tasting metallic taste in the mouth as one not uncommon precursor, but also a reference to caffeine. Hmm. I go to breakfast clear headed every morning and have, well, coffee, the symptoms, if they're coming, showing up later. Not a huge amount, but often as many as three standard cups. Sometimes another cup around noon. We'll try skipping coffee this week, see if it makes a difference.

The photograph was taken of a tattoo parlour wall near Telegraph in Berkeley with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.