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February 1, 2011

Good Day Done

Tuesday. To bed after ten, up this morning at nine, awakening one or two times in the night to turn over to a less uncomfortable spot before dropping off. This being skinnier has its not overly discussed aspects and the lack of “padding” is one of them. I could be wrong of course, padding having nothing to do with it, but that's as far as I'm willing to go in thinking about it. After all, who really cares? You tend to wake up now and again with an aching hip and upper leg that seems to go away quite quickly after an adjustment.

Pretty exciting stuff.


An interesting late breakfast this morning. A couple arrived and sat nearby at a table who made and received a string of phone calls, all of the conversations done in unusually loud voices, all of them about someone who was going before a judge in the next couple of hours, someone else who was “really dangerous”, who needed to be avoided and a daughter (I'm guessing) who was acting strangely in the middle of a problem involving her house. A couple, two (seriously obese, might as well make a pissy comment about that) drama queens putting on a show I suspect they've given here and there over most of their lives.

It was hard to read after a while, couldn't really say anything without turning myself into an asshole - there are no signs about saying take your cell calls outside, please - so I packed up and left early. The two of them don't count in the overall scheme of things, but I do wonder at how irritated they were able to make me as I was trying to read. Conversations, yes, that's part of breakfast, one of the better reasons to go out and have breakfast in the first place, loners like yours truly have no complaint, but loud monologues on a cell? In a small restaurant? Full of people? Maybe that's the future, but I hope not. Three or four other diners, were they having the same reaction? I think they were, but one, again, doesn't challenge others unless you yourself have your own little public anger/drama act going.

You don't like people who talk on cells in a restaurant.

I don't like people who talk at high volume and at length on cells in my restaurants. I don't much like listening to them on a bus either, but I suspect there's no way that will stop. But in a restaurant?

I read once when trains were becoming a standard mode of transportation in the 19th century and people were sitting together travelling for the first time together in groups that there was a period where the “manners” or behavior of travelling with others were worked out. People thinking about how to act with other people sitting beside them or in the same car, how was that different than when you were travelling alone? Took a while for a common definition to evolve. Maybe that's what's happening now and I'm just another ancient old fool who's learned behavior is no longer the norm. But enough. We end these too often with “but enough's”.

Later. A warm afternoon coming home from a walk down the way to pick up a birthday card, something to put in it and a late lunch at the breakfast place. No one really there, one other stalwart I recognized sitting outside on the patio where I was sitting, one or two people eating inside, a nice slow afternoon meal followed by a walk back to the apartment. I'm a little tired, but not overly tired, the double vision not in evidence other than through an occasional flicker making it obvious it was lingering close by ready to emerge should, well, should it so decide. Not a bad afternoon in other words, one or two pictures, none of them particularly out of the ordinary, but a good day done.

The photograph was taken at Jack London Square recently with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.