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Futzing around here in the apartment.

Under here.

February 18, 2009

Yes I Do
Wednesday. The sun is shining and the sky looks pretty good here in the early morning. They say we got about four inches of rain over the last week and that's good but it in no way gets us out of our current in its third year of drought. Drat! A whole week of rain (almost) and it's not fixed? Maybe a few days of sun and then another rainy stretch would do the trick? This can't be cleared up in a week? Here in America? They say we'll be going to rationing next month, but then they say many things, usually at a time when it isn't news anymore.

And so?

So a walk around the way with a camera later is the idea, wherever “the way” may turn out to be. San Francisco? Hop on BART? Sounds better than walking around here for the millionth iteration. One reason I hold off on moving: you move to a new place, you walk around it for a while and then you find your head exactly where it was before you left. I'm thinking reinvent “in place” is the better choice, but I've obviously been putting it off now for who knows how long and now maybe for the rest of my life.

Later. A bus and then BART to San Francisco for a walk around the Embarcadero area thinking maybe I'd look for a place to have lunch which ultimately came to no effect, a BART ride back to Oakland and then a bus to my usual morning café for a salad. I was pooped. Three, four days cooped up here in the apartment and I'm pooped? Am I falling apart? More of a concern, maybe, if the brain weren't eroding in lock step along with it allowing physical disintegration without particular worry or thought.

You do go on.

Yes I do.

The photograph was taken on a rainy day here in the apartment with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 85mm f 1.4 Nikkor lens at 1/8th second, f 2.0, ISO 200.