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Near Broadway and Grand on Valley Street in Oakland.

Under here.

February 17, 2009

Raining Tomorrow
Tuesday. Lots of rain last night, lots of rain early this morning, veritable little lakes and streams forming on the sidewalks. Which is fine, getting up two hours later than I did yesterday, getting to sleep last night at a decent time. Good. One night I wake up at four, fiddle around for half an hour before going back to sleep, another night (last night) I sleep like a dream. Well, I sleep dreaming, all of which evaporate from my consciousness when I awake.

Later. More rain sitting here inside the apartment now toward the mid-afternoon. When you're retired your able to listen to and access a lot of news, much of which is more exciting than anyone in their right mind might want in their life, let alone their week. I'm not sure how bad any of this going on at the moment might be, but it could be nastier than I can imagine and I can imagine (having all this time to think about it on my hands) a whole lot. Could get in the way of getting along with one's life if one paid too much attention to it, don't you think?

Which means?

I'm not sure the three cans of white clam spaghetti sauce and the half dozen cans of cat food I have in my kitchen cabinet are adequate preparation come the earthquake-nuclear strike-loss of one's savings and everything else we seem to have in the works.

No tuna fish?

Not a can. Maybe that's best what with the mercury and the dolphin parts.

Later still. So, come the middle of the afternoon, having had breakfast, not particularly hungry, I drank a couple of the small bottles of sake (the Ozeki Dry) to give myself a bit of a buzz thinking if I wanted more later on I could have a nice dinner down at my local sushi restaurant along with one of their flasks of hot sake. A rational for drinking sake in the middle of the afternoon? Yup. I'm afraid that's true. We'll keep it at the two glasses, keep it to the one glass with dinner if the madness continues, but obviously this rain has driven me to drastic measures. Drastic measures while floating on a sake cloud, of course. One must be accurate in times of financial distress.

You're in financial distress?

Actually not, except these days you never know.

I'd suggest you stop listening to the news.

Even later still. So I skipped sushi and consumed one of those cans of white clam sauce I talked about with spaghetti (of course) late in the afternoon. I figured what the hell, I was hungry, it was raining, I didn't want to go out, why not have some of that clam sauce while I was sauced? You can see thoughts such as these can become complicated, sake or not, so here I am thinking of watching one of the less wonderful Korean soaps (the Monday - Tuesday series mostly sucks in too many ways to mention). Let's hope it isn't raining tomorrow.

The photograph was taken near Broadway and Grand on Valley Street in Oakland with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at 1/6400th second, f 2.8, ISO 200.