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Futzing around in the living room in Oakland.

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February 12, 2009

Yes I Did
Thursday. Sun this morning, sun and clouds, I'll have to check with the weather people to see what they're saying for the rest of the day as I can see through a gap in the sun illuminated balcony curtains what look to be grey clouds to the south. Plenty of drama for a Thursday Ms. Emmy, don't you think? Ms. Emmy is in the bedroom sleeping on her heating pad oblivious to anything that doesn't have to do with food. She seems to have bent her life around the subject which in a perverse way is not all that unusual, I'm guessing, for a persnickety eater.

Then again there are two days left in the working week (taking work with a grain of salt, of course) and I have things to get done. A late birthday card to my nephew, now that my finances are up to date. That and sloth. Sloth can be a good friend as long as the rent is paid and your cat is fed.

A photograph while at the ATM this morning. Nothing exotic, but an omen perhaps of better to come. If I get out of the apartment. If I stay in the apartment and unhorse a tripod with something in mind. If I, if I.... We are spinning about in little circles here I think.

Later. A nap and then a decent walk downtown to do nothing more than hop a bus back to the apartment. I thought of various places I might like to stop to eat, but I wasn't hungry and this stomach sends signals it's best not to eat unless you're hungry and even then you might want to reconsider. Where was this stomach when I could have used it? (I take that back. There are better ways to watch your diet.) Still, the day not much more than half over, a single photograph taken on my walk, back now with the sky overcast thinking what to do next. This Thursday just pops with excitement!

Later again. A run over to Safeway for apples, oranges, spaghetti and sake, the spaghetti to cook for a late lunch-dinner (with a little Parmesan) and the sake for later this evening with my Korean soap. Two of the oranges ended up being consumed with the spaghetti and the sake didn't quite last until six, but these things happen in Oakland. Since I'd limited the sake when I bought it to a reasonable amount it would be hard to run into trouble. Unless you get back in the car for more, of course. Which I haven't. Which I don't. Until I do, doodle-dee-do.

A good day for all the excitement. A call tomorrow to the cardiologist to say I'm having this stomach operation next month and how many days before should I stop taking the blood thinner (five will be the answer as this is not the first time I've had to ask) and that I've upped the dosage of the blood pressure stuff again to the old level because my blood pressure has been creeping up and needed to be brought back down. Up, down, up down.

I suspect there are reasons for this, none too horrible I hope, so we'll just report the facts, ma'am, just the facts. It goes up, you take more and it comes down. It goes down and you take less and it goes up. We go back and forth, my doctors and I. I wish we didn't.

You did finish off that sake before six.

Yes I did.

The photograph was taken futzing around in the living room in Oakland with a Nikon D3 mounted with an 24 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at 1/80th second, f 2.8, ISO 1600.