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Under Construction
Next to the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland

February 13th, 2005

One Hopes
Saturday. I picked up a couple of bottles of sake and a couple of bottles of wine Friday after work and drank all but a couple of ounces of one of the bottles of sake. This morning I had a not particularly bad, but noticeable hangover. One good aspect: even with the hangover I felt better than I have over these last three years awakening stone cold sober since the head has been aching less in the last couple of weeks. Not good to drink a bottle (750ml bottle) of sake or wine in one sitting, at least not anymore. I could see in my later years, assuming I have some later years, letting it get out of hand. A float on a cloud Friday night isn't worth losing your Saturday morning. Here in Oakland.

My, my. What did you do, then, this Saturday?

Well, I had lunch with MSM, who was passing through nearby El Cerrito, a nice lunch, then a walk down to the lake to sit out in the sun and watch the geese digest whatever geese digest in the late afternoon. Then down the way to the local chocolate maker to have an Amaretto gelato cone and a foil wrapped 65% coffee bean chocolate. A dollar for a small piece of coffee bean chocolate, but a good piece of coffee bean chocolate for all that and you can feel smug afterward about not having two.

And the Amaretto gelato?

One does not have to explain eating an Amaretto gilato, except, perhaps, to an idiot.

Perhaps, perhaps.

Sunday. Overcast. I ordered t-shirts and one of those over the shoulder book bags on the internet on the chance it might make a suitable container for camera accessories and a writing tablet. The Lands End t-shirts are a tested better than the others I've tried no brainer item and the shoulder bag was, at least, relatively inexpensive so if I have to 86 it to the closet as I've had to 86 so many other camera bags and accessories, well, so be it. MSW suggested I find a proper bag to, um, modify my image. Do you suppose she's trying to change my image to one she finds more acceptable? One hopes.

The photograph was taken of a smoke shop window in the Grand Lake theater area of Oakland with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 17-55mm f2.8 Nikkor lens at ISO 200.