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Berkeley Solano Stroll.

February 9th, 2003

Warming To Emmy
Ms. Brain slept on the bed curled up next to my leg last night. Seemed fine. Otherwise, she still hides under the bed and she hasn't ventured out into the living room and kitchen, except, I can see, to sample the dry cat food, but she comes out from under the bed when I enter the room now to be petted. Being scratched on the nape of her neck she likes special. This is good. Wuss was more difficult, when he arrived. MSM, for reasons that make good sense, suggested Emmy. Hmmm. Brain is a bit too existential, don't you think, a bit too much nose pressed against the firewall? Emmy is, well, we'll see about Emmy. Emmy might be fine.

So, otherwise?

I went into the office Saturday and, again, today. Shouldn't do that. The head is still dizzy, the back of the head throbbing in what appears to be a connection to the dizziness, but the MRI is Wednesday and I'll know the results one way or another. So I won't think about it (too much), although it was a good part of the reason I didn't venture very far this weekend, didn't shoot any pictures. The San Francisco Chinese New Year parade is coming Saturday and I committed to shooting a 50th Wedding anniversary party on Sunday. If my head feels the way it does now, well, I'll shoot it, but I'm rapidly losing interest in weddings and wedding anniversaries. I have two weddings coming, one in March (I think) and one in September, both for friends, which is fine, but those should do it.

Leaving the office I picked up a case of cat food for the Brain, um, Ms. Emmy and headed out Broadway thinking I'd drop by the pet store and buy her a dish. And then I thought, I have dishes. No need to get no stinkin dishes and then, of course, I remembered the Honda dealer is along the way, yes, there it is, maybe make a U-turn right here, since I haven't seen this new Honda Element I've been looking at on the web these many days, see it in the flesh, in the metal, so I parked and took a look.

It's somewhat smaller than I thought, which is good, so no one's going to accuse me of driving an SUV (Why do I want to say an SUV, rather than a SUV, not unlike a hotel, rather than an hotel, which is the more correct? Should I look up the rule?), not that I wouldn't drive an SUV, you understand, particularly if I happened to buy one. I walked around the beast, opened the various doors and sat behind the wheel. Not bad. I liked it. The test, of course, will be in the driving. How does it handle? I want to get the MRI behind me to see if I'm still going to be alive and able to drive and I want to wait another four weeks until my birthday, when I'll have a better idea about the job. Hard to make payments without a job, hard to drive when you're not alive. Life can be complicated.

So you're keeping the name?

I'm warming to Emmy.

The photograph was taken at the Solano Stroll in Berkeley.