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A building lobby in Oakland.

February 8th, 2003

Omen Of What?
Ms., that's Ms. Brain is now in residence. A female cat, recent Marin County resident, is sitting under my bed toward the back, peeking out at the world that is now her home. She doesn't know this, of course, hence her hiding in her cave. The cat world is a dangerous world with many large resident creatures and she's learned to be careful. Who am I? Where am I? What's for lunch? The what's for lunch will eventually bring her out, a girl's got to eat, but probably when I'm not around. Hmmmm, she will say. I know what's in this dish, I know what's in that water pot.

So, how did she arrive?

A friend of a friend. Her son had two cats, Pinky and Brain, Pinky the male, Brain the female, brother and sister, named after the cartoon characters, living in a home with two Dobermans. Pinky liked the Dobermans, slept with them at night, went outside with them during the day. Brain wasn't up for that. Dobermans were, after all, Dobermans and she kept her distance. The reason she's here is not a happy reason and I'm not going to describe it, but the friend of my friend dropped her by this morning, crying when it was done and she drove away.

I don't know about Brain as a name. Brain. I'd never heard of the cartoon characters, but I looked them up on the web. Brain, the cat under my bed, is jet black with large blue eyes, thin, five years of age. The cartoon cat is big and round and something else entirely. Brain, an uppah crust Marin County cat, nose and tail in the air, stumbling down into Oakland town, in need of a new moniker? Maybe. With a name like Brain you'd need to be thin and smart to survive, tail high and tough. Like a Vassar graduate. Or a cat, hiding under my bed, eyes open and waiting for who knows what.

So you're keeping the name?

If she has another name, that name will come. This dizziness thing could have something to do with my own brain, a black cat named Brain could be an omen, but an omen of what?

The photograph was taken in a building lobby in Oakland.