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SF Chinese New Year Parade
February 25th, 2000

I took this afternoon off thinking I'd go over to DMV and renew my license. Closed. Construction. Drive back home, notice the car is running hot, buy a paper, check the address of the nearest DMV, think about checking the radiator, oil, hydraulics and the rest before I set out again, decided it would be better to take a nap and think about this tomorrow. It isn't raining, but it's cloudy and it has been raining and there's a big storm coming over the weekend. Maybe I'll get up tomorrow, maybe I won't. Mumble.

I'm going to buy a car, probably in April, when I will theoretically have the money. None of this gives me pleasure. I'd like to buy a Jeep Cherokee, but why? So it can sit in the garage while I make payments? I'll check out Toyota and Honda, used, a few years old, maybe see if somebody in the company isn't going to be selling one around the time we get our bonuses, buy their car just when they think it's too old and ready to buy a new one. I don't do much driving, would rather spend the money on something else. But I've said this before. Mumble.

I reread yesterday's entry losing track about three sentences into the first paragraph. Big SF Chinese New Year Parade long rambling sentences are tricky when your head's full of mush. You have work them over and fiddle with the structure so they suck you along without any bumps or derailments. Like today, with the DMV closed, my mind on mush, ready for (another) nap. I'm not sure I can do this every day, not sure I ever could. Spent most of this evening taking care of paperwork, take care of the driver's license and the car registration, some bills and magazine renewals. Popular Photography is not one of them. I'll stick with Shutterbug for the mail order ads because it's tabloid size and they're easier to read. Sit and think of reasons not to buy any more cameras now that the automobile issue is settled. I notice I have too much film in the refrigerator and not enough photographs of street whackos and strangers. Shoot more, spend less. Get a life. Mumble.

The photographs were taken at the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco last Saturday. Too much red. Mumble.