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International recognition!

February 7th, 2000

You're A Goat
Another day, another photograph. The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade is coming up, not this weekend (I don't think), but next weekend and that's traditionally (if you can call three years a tradition) my first opportunity of the year to extensively photograph an interesting subject. I generally shoot the parade at the start, arriving a couple of hours early, skipping the big crowds around Union Square that typically number in the hundreds of thousands. And if it rains, as it often does, I stay home in front of the fire like the rugged photojournalist that I am, drinking warm milk and toasting my tootsies (falling back on a "two wusses in the apartment" backup plan). I hope it doesn't rain. Five or six rolls of film, 180 to 200 photographs, black and white and color, maybe 15 or 20 that work. I made mistakes last year and I plan to do better. (Ha!) The Year of the Dragon.

I was born in the Year of the Goat, except when you're a male goat you say Year of the Ram, which sounds better, don't you think? A Picean Goat (and a water Goat, at that) seems a bit much. Interestingly Goats don't do well with Goats. Rabbits and especially Pigs seem to be the best matches. "Snakes might work". (I have a friend who's a Snake.) Run like hell from Tigers. Ah, well. Life, if it were simple, might come written like this.

"Prop, you're a Goat."

The banner photograph was taken under available light with a Nikon F5 using a Nikkor 85mm f1.4 lens. That's as good as the equipment gets for this kind of photography. No excuses, no regrets. Tri-X film.