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She likes my journal !!

International recognition!

Late afternoon sun through Magnolia tree in back.
February 6th, 2000

The sun was out today, well into the 60's. Vague, puffy eyed I, looking out into the open air through the bedroom blinds, somehow sleeping in until nine, driving down to buy the paper, eating some cereal, going over to the usual cafe and having a double latte. Slow motion molasses morning. Afternoon, drove over to Shattuck in Berkeley and checked out the movies. Four different theaters playing god knows how many films, nothing that struck my eye, nothing playing at exactly that very moment to suck me into the theater, what am I doing going to a movie on a sunny afternoon? Camera with a 35mm lens. Shot a picture. Whoop! Stopped at a luncheonette catering to students and had a steak sandwich. For some reason I've had an unusual hankering for steak this last month (more being - wow! - two or three times) than I've have in years. Body wants it. Drove home and took a nap. OK day. Time for bed. I won't complain about the lack of excitement.

Odd sequence of emails in the On Display ring. We keep a private mailing list for the members using it to discuss collaboration topics and the like. There's been some discussion of doing group projects, some people in favor, some people against. The rule is a topic for the next month is discussed and then one of the "core" members makes a choice and we all write or draw or photograph (or whatever) our take on it. If you don't have it in by the end of the month and you haven't asked to be excused, your journal is taken off the list until you submit it. You're allowed three bys in a 12 month period. Crude, but it works and I find it useful to get me thinking outside my usual little sand box here in Propland. I haven't done anything earth shattering in the way of a collab, of course, but one of these months, who knows, I'm going to really get into it and, good or bad, it might be enjoyable. Nobody reads them, of course, but they're fun to write.

The group is a good group with plenty of talent, but for some reason the emails turned into bullets this morning and two of the members, one of them my good friend Mr. Post, are no longer members. Sounds more like a rock and roll band than a web ring. No reason to go into detail, but not a good way to start the morning. One of the reasons I joined was the fact that Rien was a member, but there are a number of other members whose journals I admire and it's nice to be included in the same ring with them. Not the best way to start the day, though. I hope this settles out. I wish we could rewind a couple of days and rerun the sequence, but the vision mixer is no longer with us.

The catnip plant seems to be coming back, albeit differently. The original growth, started by Catnip plant, second growth. MSW from cuttings in her garden, seems to have died off leaving a much denser growth of smaller leaves growing up from the base. I suspect I should research this and see if there isn't something I'm supposed to do about now, thin it out, re-pot it in kitty litter, feed it something from a dropper so it continues to grow toward its ultimate purpose of getting Mr. Wuss stoned every now and then after a hard week of sleeping, eating and peeing. I'd ask MSW, but I suspect it would be better to learn this on my own and thereby gain cat nip proficiency. The old "you can feed a man a fish" and get his cat stoned once or you can "teach a man to catch fish" and thereby keep his cat stoned forever. Or something like that.

The banner photograph was taken off the back balcony in the late afternoon with the digital camera. The catnip plant was shot at the same time.