December 22nd, 1998

Playing With Toys and Other Adult Pursuits
The Sole Proprietor digitized some of the color negatives he shot at the family party The Sole Proprietor's girl friend after three days in the
        freezer. and found them heavily spotted so he printed two of them out on his laser printer and took them in to the camera shop to see what the problem might be. The odd thing to the Sole Proprietor was that the photographs produced from the negatives had looked fine, but the digitized images taken from the negatives looked as if a small snow storm were passing through (the negatives themselves seemed OK under a loupe). The guy at the camera shop seemed knowledgeable and went over the process used to print them with the Sole Proprietor. He feels that in this dry weather, static electricity becomes a real problem and will attract dust to the shiny surface (not the emulsion surface, oddly) and you have to be careful to eliminate it.

The Sole Proprietor thought he'd looked over the film pretty carefully, but after he writes his entry Two pictures for a dollar. he'll scan a couple more and be especially careful to get rid of any dust with a camels hair brush and blower. He may need to get a special static brush as well. He remembers one brand called a "Static Master" (he thinks) that he used in a darkroom many years ago with a radioactive element that knocked the static electricity out of the immediate area around the brush. Yeah, it didn't sound so hot back then either but we'll see. They were expensive and they didn't really seem to work all that well (who knows, they'd been sitting in the corner when he found them and they were sitting in the corner a year later when he left), but the Sole Proprietor will try most anything if it will fix this problem once and for all.

He scanned some new slides earlier this evening (not the film negative kind that Fellow worker at Oakland restaurant. produce prints, but the kind you feed one at a time through a slide projector) and they scanned without difficulty, so its not the scanner itself or else the slides would look moth eaten as well. He's curious to see what happens and will mention the results tomorrow or maybe at the bottom of this entry if he still has any life in him when he's finished (long day). As a follow up note, he only lost the last two or three frames on the roll he thought he'd exposed to light when the camera hadn't rewound fully (and complained yesterday in capital letters). That's good. He'll still have to be careful and check whenever he rewinds a roll, but he didn't lose anything too important and he'll be able to send prints to the singers who requested them at the street fair. A couple of those pictures are included here.

The banner photograph was taken on Telegraph Avenue last weekend. When he tried to shoot a picture of the lady head on, she told him to f*ck off. Ah, well. The first two photographs were taken at the same street fair and the last one was taken in a restaurant near work.