Zelig, Laurel and Brian, at the Telegraph Street Fair.
December 23rd, 1998

Easing On In
Strange, the day is ending quickly. The Sole Proprietor called the Alameda Superior Court each morning and, again, each noon hour of this week to see if he had to travel to the court house in Hayward and report of jury duty. No, call again. This evening the message said he wasn't needed tomorrow and that his jury commitment was completed. That's a good thing, he thinks, perhaps an omen as he enters into Christmas.

A brief thank you to Leslie. The Sole Proprietor wondered Cousin John. why the Oakland Area Technical Support (OATS) people were clustered around a small table at the office when he arrived this morning and discovered a container of her famous Bourbon chocolate balls. Good way to start the day. Hit the nose like a shot. She is able to get a lot of Bourbon into the mix so one or two with a little coffee to start the day was nice. It rolled down hill from there of course, but smoothly, gently, one hour at a time. No work tomorrow. Get up late. Do a little work on the web page. Shoot a few pictures. Better not eat very much, though. Not after the terrible things the Sole Proprietor did today. The meal at Happy Burrito, for example. Why did he do that? The looks on their faces. My God.

The Sole Proprietor said he'd report on the condition of the Cousin's son, not grandson (think god). color negatives he shot at the family party, the one's that produced a good looking print (his aunt should have received them in Seattle today) but scanned as if someone had pushed back the bristles on a brush and spattered them with white paint. The camera store technician had suggested dust. Well, maybe it was dust. The pictures included on this page had spots, but manageable spots that could be corrected in PhotoShop. The Sole Proprietor will acquire some anti-static gloves, some nice anti-static canned air, an anti-static brush, an anti-static girlfriend and an anti-static attitude toward life, all in an effort to fight dirty negatives. Dirty negatives. Weird. Fifty years plus and he's worried about dirty negatives. What next?

So, here we are, running into Christmas. Everybody does this differently, Cousin Bruce. he supposes. At home we used to have a kind of buffet dinner on Christmas Eve and then something more traditional and sit down on Christmas itself. There wasn't any real attempt to keep the family together at home or at the table toward the end, he remembers attending one of the more dorky James Bond movies with one of his cousins who happened to be visiting from Seattle one Christmas night when he was in high school and thinking this was probably not right. You're supposed to Wassail or something together close to the hearth. When he was in college he would return home every Christmas and pretty much stay close to home. His friends were by then were all back in Seattle at school and the visit home was a good time to mend fences and take stock. What exactly is a Wassail by the way? The spelling checker lets it go right through without a burp.

So, life is good, there are four days ahead that he's looking forward to making some changes to his site that he's been promising himself now for some time. And Wassailing. Wassailing. Into the night.

The banner photograph was taken on Telegraph Avenue last weekend and the Sole Proprietor has promised to send them some prints. The rest were taken at the family party on December 13th.